LFG Ep. 7 - Bodhicitta Demystified (Pragmatic Vajrayana)

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LFG Ep. 7 - Bodhicitta Demystified (Pragmatic Vajrayana)

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Here it finally is, the newest episode of the Lion-Faced Guru Podcast:

Bodhicitta Demystified - Accessing the Heart Mind of Enlightenment

In the 7th episode of the Lion-Faced Guru Podcast, Kim Rinpoche, Lama Karl and Acharya Ugi from the Pemako Buddhist lineage will talk about one of the essential aspects of dharmic practice: Bodhicitta, the aspiration to achieve Buddhahood for the liberation of all sentient beings.

• Topics discussed:

0:00 Introduction
2:03 Why do people struggle to «get» bodhicitta?
10:20 Kim's personal account of approaching the bodhisattva vows
14:27 "I don't feel compassion!" - Feeling Bodhicitta is something one grows into by advancing on the path of insight but not a necessity to start with
18:43 Compassion is a compass
19:21 Hinayana and mahayana as developmental stages of one's path
21:58 Karl’s experience of compassion as a compass
23:41 How does Bodhicitta actually work in the energy/subtle body?
29:08 The importance of gaining personal certainty about the effectiveness of Dharma practice first before helping others
30:56 Karl on first encountering bodhicitta
37:06 Bodhicitta changes one’s view on suffering
38:45 Wisdom and compassion should always go together
46:42 Bodhicitta is liberating all beings from the grasp of your own selfing
56:46 Absolute bodhicitta - cultivating bodhicitta leads to recognition of the nature of mind
1:10:50 Don’t get stuck on the basics and know when to advance
1:18:08 Personality of a buddha as a a natural expression of bodhicitta
1:21:11 Liberating yourself from the world & liberating the world from you
1:23:06 Problem of relying on «ink and paper» (intellectual knowledge)
1:28:50 Wrapping it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbqaZdGH9kE