schizophrenia & energy.

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schizophrenia & energy.

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I have two cases of friends around whom I've seen this happen to and I feel the need to help them as the culture of energy healing is not recognized in my country. and the way their cases are dealt with medically I feel is wrong.

The first case was a friend who was taking reiki courses, and then suddenly overnight she got into a severe case of paranoia and saying things as "we need to keep the curtains closed so that they don't come in" and many other things that didn't make sense. she felt like everyone was out to get her. she was diagnosed with schizophrenia in one hospital and was given pills for it. but those pills were making her numb and she hated it.
then another hospital diagnosed her with bipolar and treated her with electric shock therapy.
And unfortunately, I feel that at this point I cant reach this person anymore, it's almost like she is gone.

Then the other friend had downloaded an app that gave him a series of movements to do daily to open up the chakras, and he was smoking a lot of weed at the time. Slowly he started to behave unusually.
Speaking too fast, speaking in codes as in (0113782) and emojis, he kept saying he is blue and I am green and a lot more.
This went on for almost 3 weeks until one night I woke up with over 300 msgs from him, all in codes and things that don't make sense, and also referring to himself as a third person. such as "saif is now tired, so I'm taking over" and this is when I got his family involved because I didn't know how to deal with it.
Apparently that night he had locked himself in his room for 2 days and was also speaking in codes with his family, so they admit him to the hospital.
And the hospital tested his blood and found week, so they closed his case as drug addiction. but I spoke to his brother and I told him this is not drug addiction its more.
So they did some more tests and diagnosed him with schizophrenia, then gave him medications which also numbed him.
He is a lot better, as in I can speak to him normally but he also is hating the medication.
When they tried to lower the dose to see how he'd react, he went back to the same behavior.

I feel that he needs to speak to a qualified energy healer to help him ground but I'm not able to find someone in the middle east (which is where we live) that can help.

Any tips or leads would be highly appreciated because I believe his case is still fresh and so it might be manageable before it gets bad.
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RE: schizophrenia & energy.

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You can try Tara or Nigel Springett:

They specialize in extreme energy stuff and also have conventional psychotherapeutic training. They have a Tibetan Buddhist background, but it's all the same stuff. They do online paid video sessions. But they are both pretty busy and won't work with anyone who is actively using psychoactive drugs.