Lucid dreaming and vipassana

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Lucid dreaming and vipassana

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 Hi DhO(rks) ^_^

I have been wondering this for years..

When I started meditating around the end of 2015 the first six months for me were full of new dream and paralysis induced phenomena. I dreamt a lot (*remembered it), and a few times, hyper lucidly.

I've heard that many more start being more lucid in their dreams as practice progresses. Recently I even read in a book (with a dream guy that was on Guru Viking podcast, forgot his name now..) that meditation masters always dream lucidly.

However, my lucidity vanished after those initial 6 months and even regular dream recall which I did use to have some of, completely vanished until recently when I started practices of recall. 

Do you have some inputs to the possible connection and perhaps the lack thereof?

Myself, I tend to think that of course, as mindfulness increases, so does dream recall and perhaps also lucid dreaming skills. It's just been so very inconsistent with my own experience: Obviously I have noticed a tremendous gain in lucidity in terms of being aware of both body and mind when awake, but then again, all dream recall completely vanished for years. Whaaaat...

I guess maybe I'm tempted to think that one can practice being aware of the body/mind in different ways, and that this is what makes the difference.
For instance, the 'exercises' I do now which seem to enhance recall and even some lucidity (almost with immediate results), was remembering my thoughts during day time. Just a few times in a day I try to recall my thoughts from some time earlier. That seems to train a muscle I didn't know had gotten so damn sloppy - at first it was hard, but then it was kinda pleasant, kinda like mildly exercising a weak muscle and the body just going 'ahhhh'.

My most dream-less time of my life was when I had started high doses of Goenka type vipassana practice. This was certainly a time when I would neglect my thoughts, in favor of sensing the body!

Is there a logic that makes sense here. What are your thoughts?


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RE: Lucid dreaming and vipassana

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I became more chill about getting to be lucid in dreams, I just remember what happens the last 2-3 dreams back per day and then write them down for analysis Jungian style. For me I find more value in letting them be without interference so I can look at the stories for information about my unconscious rather than intervening while in the dream. I follow a version of this