Long video explaining the EPRC + White Paper of EB

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Long video explaining the EPRC + White Paper of EB

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Dear Everyone,

Following the shorter introductory video explaining the EPRC project, let me now share the second release on our recent youtube channel : here !

It is an in-depth discussion between Daniel and his friend Gareth Gwyn which, obviously, gives a lot more detail than the previous one, and is a nice complement to the EPRC White Paper in video format.

Also, for those who may be interested, I'm happy to say the White Paper of Emergence Benefactors, a charity designed to supprot the research work of the EPRC and much more, is now live and accessible on the EB website here, after a bunch of work these past few months by the team ! Yes ! Thanks team ! It contains a lot more detail about EB's role, vision and activities.

Your feedback on either of these is, of course, welcome and much appreciated emoticon

Hope you enjoy !

All the best,