Claims to attainment.

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Claims to attainment.

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I keep reading other peoples posts about their claims to attainment and it seems like they all just romanticize everything and utlilise common spiritual expressions to justify their posts.
Why are people here, so desperate for attention, that they have to lie or fantasize what happens to them. 
Should that not be the main topic of exploration? It is so obvious and yet so ignored.
What makes it worse is, others back up their obviously fake experiences with equally flase explanations.
There must be more so called "enlightend" people here than history has recognise. It's seems to be a band wagon with no end.
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RE: Claims to attainment.

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Why are people here, so desperate for attention
I know I've taken it out of context, but it really is a great question. Something to think upon.

I know that I got into this whole can of worms because I perceived a lack that I really couldn't put into words. I tried to fill it with all sorts of things over the years.

The path I'm on now certainly hasn't turned out how I expected, and I couldn't claim to understand it.

But if these dubious explanations allow us to walk an unexplainable path in a way that addresses an unexplainable lack, I'm okay with that.