Elbólintós P-Log 2.

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Elbólintós P-Log 2.

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Hi Sangha. This is a reboot of my practice log from before. Comments welcome. Love you all.

Week 2, Monday. 35 min sit, eyes closed. Unstructured.
Body scan, following the breath, counting difficult - mind more scattered than usual (on account of not getting enough sleep the night before) - followed the breath nevertheless while noting at the same time.
Some metta - self-compassion arose on its own, lots of smiling, At one point, the visual field "came alive". Kept FB & noting. Tension in the left shoulder/neck area, breathing into it. The tension did move around a little, not too much (does not really apper 'flickering' but also not entirely rigid). 
When done: hungry for more.

Tue. 35 min, a 'difficult' sit
Started late in the day, exhausted, not properly rested, a bit sick.
Counting, noting difficulty, noting sensations, states, thinking, smiling, pain, posture
A bit of noting aloud. Noting impatience. A bit of metta, felt good.

Wed. 35 min, no notes taken. 
Practically fell asleep several times, with dream sequence just about to start then return to the breath.

Thursday & Friday - 35 min each, no notes taken.
I remember something involving dullness emoticon

Sat. 35 min + 70 min - the latter was a bit long, it's probably best to stick to more frequent shorter sits. Still, I did it. No notes taken.
Edit: I realize I had a heart rate monitor on and it clearly shows a lower HR near the end of the sit, which might or might not be relevant. Also, this section I was noting aloud. (The minute count shows not exactly 70 mins as I was disturbed along the way and got up for a few mins then sat back). 
Open photo

Sun. Sat for 35 min in the morning (noonish, really) + 35 min walking meditation in the park. Noted down-up, down-up (short for lifting, placing... the monosyllabic format seems to work better these days), then went for a more experimental format mixing down-up and see-hear-feel like so: down-up-see-down-up-see-down-up-hear-down-up-feel etc. Colours and such seemed pretty cool, maybe just a change in the light as sunset approached.  

Goals for next week:
1. Keep the 35 min sits - all seven days of the week.
2. If possible, sit in the morning before work (i.e. manage to wake up in time for that).
3. If possible, take notes after every sit (at least after one sit a day if there is more).
4. Have either a second sit or do walking med some of the days (say, on at least days of the week)
5. In any case, aim for consistency, not heroics.