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What is the Object in the 11th nana?

What is the Object in the 11th nana?
1/9/12 10:27 PM
What is the "object of concentration" in the 11th nana (Knowledge of Equanimity Concerning Formations)?

Daniel speaks of "gently investigating" the feeling that "reality is trying to synchronize with itself" in MCTB (pg. 236) - that doesn't sound like the breath to me but, that being said, I'm not really sure what it DOES sound like.

Any pointers would be most appreciated.


- Mike

PS: My meditation journal is here if you're interested in the back-story.

RE: What is the Object in the 11th nana?
1/9/12 10:35 PM as a reply to Mike Knapp.
At first, the object is whatever the object was in the previous nyanas, except seen in a panoramic way. e.g. the entire in-breath and the entire out-breath with no phasing issues with seeing certain parts of it more or less clearly (which might include the entire body). Or, the entire visual field, not just the center in particular or the edges in particular, without chaotic vibrations everywhere (or maybe they are there at first but then they die down and get synched up into one 'soup').

Later, it is one of the 3 characteristics. And a lesser emphasis on a second. Then... what was that?

Good article on equanimity.

RE: What is the Object in the 11th nana?
1/10/12 12:15 AM as a reply to Beoman Claudiu Dragon Emu Fire Golem.
A great reply and a very helpful link! Thanks so much!!!!

RE: What is the Object in the 11th nana?
1/10/12 2:10 AM as a reply to Mike Knapp.
Anything seen well is a good object in Equanimity.

You can play it either way: picking an object, and then the sensations of picking an object and the object are good objects, or you can just watch and see wherever attention goes and let whatever that is be object.

I have a vague preference for the second, as it is more natural, more allowing, more no-self heavy, more lack of control, more letting it happen, but some people don't do as well with that more natural focus and their ability to stay with stuff lags, and if that is you, than any object is great.

Just remember to pay attention to background processes: attention itself, effort itself, looking itself, wondering itself, mapping itself, expectation itself, subtle fear itself, etc.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out what still seems to not be observed in the light of the Three Characteristics, realizing that No-self will likely predominate, with Suffering being subtle but high-yield, and Impermanence likely being wider, more fluxy than vibratory past a certain point, and go wide and inclusive and volumetric when possible.

Have fun! Equanimity does well with fun.


RE: What is the Object in the 11th nana?
1/10/12 12:28 PM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Thanks, Daniel! I went with the second Object (the experiential-field) this morning and experienced a lot of relief compared to trying to force my awareness to stay exclusively with the breath. It was as if I had been resisting a vacuum by staying with the breath and once I let go and allowed my attention to tune into the field, I was immediately struck my the vibratory quality of phenomena. I appreciate your advice re attention to background processes - that fits with what I've been reading on Stage 11 but for some reason I hadn't really put it together yet, so I'll be sure to put that into practice next session.

Thanks again, Gentlemen!