RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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 @Ni nurta: my hypothesis is based on what Chris said: it feels like you are doing it on purpose to amuse yorself at the expense of others. I've often asked you simple questions to describe your experiences and reformulate somethign you said, because you use very idiosyncratic words and have your own language, as chris said, and in an attempt to meet you halfway I would ask questions to help elicit something  more straightforward. But everytime I did this, your answer was a wall of theory-laden text that used a very specific way of explaining things which is always half implicit but still covers up the content of what you write to the point of making it incomprehensible (yes I am talking about your theories about neurons and parts of the mind and cessation of parts of mind and all that). Each time it felt like there was no actual desire to communicate or calrifying your meaning, but rather to school and smother the other person with more of what they were trying to get clarified. It did not feel very nice at all, either. I have spent inordinate amounts of time reading your posts, actually, and it always feels like you're talking to yourself in some kind of cryptic language with a clear sens that what you are writing is supreme enlightenment gold, and if others have trouble understanding it, then it's their fault, and they should try harder. That feels like trolling to me. You don't seem willing to recognize that this is happening at all. I would say, have purity of heart and see it emoticon!

So, if you're not doing this on purpose, then please work on your language skills. That you see this as us being threatened by the depth of what you write is kind of strange. This is really not what's going on here. Both Chris and I are pretty deep practitioners and have various skillsets that mean we should at least be able to communicate clearly. I've never had this sort of issue with any other practitioner. From my perspective it feels like you are the clueless one, here... 
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RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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Little background: I always worked with my mind to develop NEW dharma.
Not all is new but most of it is and application of it also is new.
It caused issues, serious issues with perception, with dukkha, with lots of things.
I need to be myself sure this stuff is PURE before I start writing it in a way that someone who isn't pure won't get hurt by it.
It is a bit overprotective perhaps but it is responsible.
Give it a few years, I'll figure it out.

It is much easier to point to someone else's dharma.
It is harder to point to your own.

I said Chris doesn't describe his insights - imho he just doesn't want to.
It is one thing to make something work and other thing to really show it.

I don't feel 100% ready in my intent to make this stuff GLOW yet.
Language - it will adjust itself as it always does.
Ask Daniel about magick - he will explain this stuff much better than I can.

Also, one more point, my intuition tells me this stuff is Path model unto itself.
If you are Once Returner as I am since about a decade or so you are not showing this stuff.
Anagami is one who purifies it. Arhat is one who can really show it.
I feel like I am in the transitory period between Once Returner and Anagami or already Anagami.
In this model Stream Enterer develops the stuff.
Look up "Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta". It should clarify things.

It is different to MCTB Paths - there is cool Theravada tech which is described there.
Each and every skill or axis of development has grades. Paths are grades on the axis of mastery.
I am proud and conceited because I developed some cool tech. I am not Arhat in this sense yet, that is why I am proud and conceited. It is in some sense done on purpose and in some sense I am just conceited. Just because it feels I am doing it on purpose doesn't make me troll but it only shows maturity of my perception - to see things way beyond my grade. I can do vajra-like meditative stabilization in my perception and I use it to literally be able to squeeze more out of my poor old tired eyes and see much sharper images. My eyes were the first to get Arhatship. They showed me what Paths mean and why I shouldn't be heedless. The eyes were first to experience issues almost two decades ago. I don't wish anyone to have broken anything when I am not sure I can be of help. I am not sure that what I say has 'bugs' in it. That is why my 'projectors' are tuned down, a lot.

Hopefully this clarifies things and put trolls to rest.
Also I point to certain maybe not so well known aspects of dharma as a whole.
It kinda is magick, isn't it? Make it pure and be able to call it dharma - my take on the matter.

Metta Fruitions,