RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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 Ugh, Pawel no one could be expected to understand what you just wrote. 

The fact that your response to Chris resulted in more of the same suggests that you are unable or unwilling to change.

The fundamental problem here isn't that you have some completely different view that you want to express, it's that you fill up other people's posts --- people who are just trying to learn and practice a very standard form of dharma -- with a lot unhelpful articulations of your own highly-personalized writing. So it is not being helpful. It is being disruptive. 

The additional problem is you re-use and alter the existing meanings of common dharma terms/ideas as described in MCTB, rather than using your own terms/ideas, which is not helpful to people who have come to a meditation practice forum inspired by buddhism and MCTB.
And I beleve you have said that your are simply theorizing, you are not pursuing a particular meditation practice, nor working within a tradition, nor working with a teacher. So your posts are speculative ideas, ungrounded in actual practice, retreats, working with other meditation teachers, etc.

From the FAQ:

What is inappropriate?
Seeking attention in a personal manner, speculating about half-understood concepts, guessing instead of finding out, and being dogmatic and closed-minded. Though uncommon, the moderators of the Dharma Overground will warn folks who aren't following the basic guidelines of this site to cease and desist. If there are repeated behaviors which undermine the health of the community you will be asked to leave. Though again this isn't common, we've found it necessary from time-to-time to ask someone to leave, in order to preserve a safe and rationally-grounded space for discussion.
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RE: Emptiness and fabrication is kinda disturbing. Am I misunderstanding it

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Nothing about DhO homepage says DhO is Theravada/Buddhism specific site for people wanting traditional practice "a very standard form of dharma". You say it. You and Chris steer discussion toward dogmatism.
Moderation raises issues because someone works with the site as it was intended? (edit: though of course the "how" can be improved...)

Also if you don't understand what I am talking about where did the idea I don't practice and what I am saying is not practice related?

The insight I had in the past was just as the topic I made where I put all the good stuff I know "cutting to the chase". Literally having things happen as instantly as possible. Like Buddha said it should be possible to do. No rafts, no bridges, no wasting time. I don't even need to sit all that long to e.g. make colors start to glow more, or less, or have things stabilize in perception. That is my practice. Unconventional but one can practice it on cushion too. Want mind to stay on object so make something that makes it stay on object and just do it and see if mind stays on object by itself. Doesn't work? Then try again with a better action or actions before that to prepare mind better.

I literally improved my physical eyesight with it so I know it works.
In attainments all you wish for is for your mind to finally realize what to do. This stuff can be practiced directly. As volitional actions.

Either way its Daniel's site so he decides if I am bad influence and if everyone should only discuss "a very standard form of dharma" that isn't even aligned with Buddhadharma. Buddha said something else - remove arrow of suffering at 3rd step and then figure out how to do it in just three moments. (edit: and overall better... "continuous improvement" of sorts)

Yes, you heard me right.
I claim I am doing proper practices intended by Gautama Buddha.
Old fashioned views from a guy from two and a half millennia ago. Not this fancy 'attainment' stuff that kids do these days... and which they always did not knowing there is... let's say "different way", not "better" as "better" would be too pretentious and not even true. The better way is the "middle way". Also why I bother presenting the other extreme. There is always some middle if you have extremes.

Also as I said to Oliver. I am not ready with all my works. I'll write a book maybe, and in the mean time if Daniel doesn't mind I'll keep around and post some drafts. If not then I won't.

BTW. Maybe it actually is a good idea to not spam other people topics with this stuff.
Hint which actually feel like can be useful to person to whom response is aimed at if they can be formulated in few sentences should be ok, I guess.
Is that okay with you?

Metta Fruitions,

p.s. Did you know that to make a callable fruition you actually need to prepare mind. Then its just a gentle push, single action, one pulse. Rest is poetry, it just spreads in the mind like a wave doing what it always does.
Try to practice doing it in like middle of the day when you are tired and it doesn't at all feel like high-EQ territory (yet). It's the good stuff, I tell ya!
Or is that not "practice" in your books?

edit:// Made so slight stylistic corrections and added "the", "a", etc. Some are probably still missing.

BTW. Very important: Metta Fruitions I do classic/traditional way. It goes without saying when I am not saying how I practice. You just observe how each sensation is loving kindness and does what it does because of loving kindness and it eventually causes my whole sensate field to literally melt.
It wouldn't make any sense to rush these things.

I figured it can be confusing to say "my whole sensate field to literally melt"
Its not that e.g. vision becomes inhoherent mess. There are details to sensations, how they arise etc.
With closed eyes its more directly related to what is being seen. With opened eyes it makes this kind of sensation noise that is always experienced to melt.

It can make some details to melt when very strong and these details aren't artifically restored by tuning down these effects in vision specifically.
Also I was always very careful to not cause these things to bleed to my vision - it happening always felt amazing but also somewhat unskillful. There are ways to stabilize the perception though without sacrificing on strength of these effects being felt in vision. Stabilization itself has very specific feel to it though.