Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

J Rahbek, modified 9 Years ago.

Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

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This may be of interest (from :

Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

The Five Ways to Know Yourself, ver 1.59 [ ]
(Note: revision expected Summer 2012)

a 183 page pdf going into quite some detail describing the various practices in Shinzen's system
 Tarver , modified 9 Years ago.

RE: Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

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J Rahbek:
This may be of interest...

Indeed it is, thanks for posting this, and welcome to DhO; or rather, thanks for de-lurking!

I was working mainly off the individual documents on the student materials page, Shinzen's YouTube expandcontract channel, plus this update.
Andrew Jones, modified 9 Years ago.

RE: Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

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Thanks for this Tarver, invoking the supreme overlord and all that....

Really cool stuff this. It is funny how I've had in the back of my mind 'the way of the heart' and reconnecting with my feelings over the last few days, and viola, there appears a third alternative (!) that speaks about it.

cheers, and also, I just want you to know, I look forward to reading your posts just for the resulting smile and snort chuckle they bring, you're one funny dude...
Nick F, modified 9 Years ago.

RE: Basic Mindfulness Practice Manual

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Re-de-lurking to say thanks for this post with the link to Shinzen's ebook which appeared exactly when I needed it to, and also thanks to Tarver for setting up this new category.

@Tarver - I've followed your practice thread with interest, and I have myself recently had some nice sessions using Shinzen methods, whereas before I always struggled with noting and vipassana in general. I think just having the vocabulary helps alot. I was always struggling to come up with labels for noting and would get sidetracked or give up and just bliss out.

So I will be following along with interest and maybe one day I'll grow some testicles and start my own practice thread. In the meantime, thanks and peace.