RE: State where I notice more by withdrawing focus.

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RE: State where I notice more by withdrawing focus.

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Hey Matt N,

First I would like to say that's awesome, to be in a place where its seen that all kinds of stuff are going on all at once, but feeling like nothing is making those things happen.

When doing this it seems like I can "withdraw" in a way and I actually start to get a sense of everything going on at once, thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, attention, etc. Like I'm watching it all in a movie screen but it's somebody else.

From my experience, something like this sounds like you're about to hit the mark that has to do with a realization of no-self. That there is no you actually there doing anything.

At this point you've started to see that these things are playing out on their own like lights on a projector play out a movie to depict something solid, yet there is nothing but light play behind it. This is the same way with the "me" that we perceive ourselves to be. All of these sensations (thoughts, touch, hearing, sight, smell) come together to form what feels like a you but on investigation, can you find it? Is there are you really there?

I think when you withdraw you are starting to realize how much control you really have (which is not much if any in this sensation process)

I'm sure some others will probably have some input on this but take a look and see if you can find a you outside of the idea of you anywhere in experience.

If i'm thinking correctly the impermanence of these sensations and no-self seeing is part of the Three Characteristics.

Someone else may have more to add. Glad to have you here!