Tai Chi retreat for physical/emotional healing for my mother . . .

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Tai Chi retreat for physical/emotional healing for my mother . . .

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Hi Guys,

My mother is in her late-50's and recently had BOTH hips replaced due to sever arthritis.

She has expressed an interest in attending a retreat or residential program utilizing meditation and, particularly, tai chi to address both physical and emotional distress.

She is a very anxious person, completely repressed and old-school, having absolutely no experience with any sort of meditation/holistic health/emotional self-care/normal human emotional expression etc. Think Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development, except honest and with a good heart.

It's a blessing for me personally to hear her willingness to open up and do some soul-searching.

It'd be great to get her meditating with regularity and to begin an earnest search for enlightenement/self-knowledge/spiritual strength, but one thing at a time.

One caveat: she is used to being coddled and spoiled, god bless her, and austere conditions of any kind would be completely distracting and counter-productive. The place needs to be a bit swanky, at least for this first retreat/program.

Please help! If you knew my mom you'd love her too. She's reaching out to us hippie, new-age, seeker types for the first time in her life and it's really pretty wonderful.

Any advice is infinitely appreciated!