Sharpening the other sense doors

Mario Nistri, modified 7 Years ago.

Sharpening the other sense doors

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It's common experience that is possible to make one's body way more sensible than it was before meditating; you can begin to break down gross sensations into vibrations, flowing stuff and so on.

I was wondering, is this also possible for other sense doors? Is possible to make your sight, hearing. smelling, tasting more sensible in a way that the difference between before and after the sensibilization process is as dramatic as the difference between your experience of the body is, let's say, before and after a few Goenka retreats?
katy steger, modified 7 Years ago.

RE: Sharpening the other sense doors

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Hi Mario,

This is definitely a question you can answer for yourself -- that anyone can -- in self-study and friendly willingness. If you devote a period of time around this -- say 45 days -- and make that your meditation, study it willingly, just playfully/dedicatedly study and release your mind to your object and study, you will certainly be able to report back something skilled here.

While it's very useful to have a guide and it's immeasurable to have a good teacher, even a superb teacher will send someone off and say, "go explore this if/for yourself", no more following. Self-study is a whole different level of discipline and it thrives in curiosity, willingness, welcome, and non-harm.

Anyway, my answer to your question is "yes", but like anything when I stop the focus in that area, conditions return to being like anything untended!

Good luck. Sounds fun. =]