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The Middle Paths (2nd and 3rd)

Stream Entry and Beyond

Stream Entry and Beyond
4/20/10 4:19 AM
I don't post here very often. I have been meditating now for almost eight years. The first seven of those were solo and clueless. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew nothing of maps or that teachers such as Daniel actually existed. I had a kundalini awakening around my third year and crossed the A&P last year for the first time without realising what it was. It coincided with me finding Daniel, his book and this forum. Since about October last year I have been working with Kenneth over at Kenneth Folk Dharma because I feel more inclined toward Advaita practice - I'm not very good at noting. On the fifteenth of January of this year I attained to stream entry and very soon after the sixth jhana and in the last three weeks I have attained to the state of "Witness," or non-dual awareness. I am also strongly established in equanimity once more, so perhaps second path is not far off. This has all happened in a year. I have not been on a retreat in the eight years I have been practising, however I do practice every day, if I'm lucky, maybe two lots of thirty five minutes and pay very close attention to advice. During my daily activity, I practice surrender as often as I can. I am posting this here to encourage those who, like me, may not have the opportunity to go on retreats, even short ones. I have a young family and my wife is not well. If I can do it, then you most certainly can too! I would however like to affirm very strongly that if you can go on retreat, take it, eat it up, and strive on. I think what Kenneth and Daniel are offering to this global community of practitioiners is a priceless gem. Without them, I would probably have spent the next ten years clueless as well. I wish you all well, as Buzz Light Year said, 'To infinity and beyond!!"

RE: Stream Entry and Beyond
4/21/10 1:05 AM as a reply to Paul Hurley.
Dear Paul,

Glad you are getting something out of all this. It is great to hear your story and your progress and I do hope it, like the many others here who have done great things, will inspire those who are still wondering if they can do it to go ahead and really try.

This is a great community, and I am also thankful for everyone who hangs out here and contributes to this group effort of awakening and fun and interesting practice.