Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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Recently I was able to notice that a lack of faith/no faith pulls you into the state of deep depression... you don't really see the point in doing anything because you don't believe anything will grant you the happiness you are looking for.

Sadly when you are in this state of mind... even meditation doesn't feel worth it. Of course this is an extreme case of having a lack of faith but it does happen and it seems like I have reach a point where the lack become overwhelming.

And I agree with Daniel that a lack of faith is much like have an excess of wisdom because during this deep depression I was using LOGIC and REASON to give me support in why I should feel the way I do.

On a personal note, I can't even remember the last time I used LOGIC and REASON to support me in why I feel great. With this last sentence in mind, I have realized that the identification with thought has lead me down good paths and bad paths but not something thats worth doing because the joy that I feel while on the good path is conditional to how much concentration I have in that moment. (And a lot of us know that even the absorption Jhanas don't last forever)

So if the joy of thought doesn't last and I just continue to grieve over the lost what is the point of continuing the use of L&R or thought in general?
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RE: Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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In my experience, it's very easy for underlying emotional issues to hijack the part of the brain responsible for logic and reason, and make utterly ridiculous things _seem_ perfectly reasonable and necessary.
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RE: Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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depression or mental pain can get so painfull that your body actually will be also in pain, i have shed some tears. bear it it will go away. These are the monsters of maya what sutras are talking about.

Its the pain from your ego that you refuse to feed. Ego here means your own created thoughts, thoughts are real matter fed by you. Later you can energetically take "you" out of it, this pain monster will die, and won't come back anymore.
Imagine the pain of who are very sensitive and are in dark night, they will see their own thoughts manifesting to them as anything possible.

note the pain as not you, its really isn't you but its your creation. But don't get attached to the idea of "its not you".

One thing when i had longer dark night periods with lower dark night periods with minimal good times, no advice didn't help from others(i didn't just listened[that big monster]). I think you will work it out by yourself.
If you try to kill it by force, it will grow stronger. You need to starve it. Bear it. It will go away.
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RE: Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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Try and investigate the thoughts behind the emotions, including asking "why?". Don't repress the emotions and sometimes it's good to let them out, but you want to be diligent in being aware of the predictable mental stories that repeat (conditioned habits). You want to be disenchanted with them because they will not make your life better. Look at them as mental habits that as you interrupt over and over again you can notice the feeling tones pass away on their own and over a larger period of time they weaken from a lack of further conditioning you prevented. Those feelings give the thoughts (logic and reason behind the emotions) gravitas. When you don't add to the stories they lose gravitas. Ask "why?" 50 times, 100 times or as many times as you need to until you feel better.

I think it's good to use concentration practices here and there because you can feel the attachment let go further. The brain sometimes only lets go partly and by letting go completely (or as far as you can) can you see how built up the attachment is. Other games like playing hide and seek with your perceptions and mental stories can give you that readiness for when they arise. You can see the mechanical wheels turning when the perception of a dislike turns into a story. You can go "a ha!" "There you are.".emoticon Other tricks like trying to make yourself more angry or more sad can interrupt the mind stream.

Try and rate your mind as valuable real estate and rate thoughts according to their usefulness. Realize how quiet your mind will be when those thought habits are gone.
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RE: Daily Life and the Imbalances that follow...

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Haha thank you all for the reply... it is funny how emotions can hijack logic and reason.

While keeping what was said from everyone here, I was able to go back to a more stable state and decided for a while to cut the snowball short and so far it has been working... in the sense that it doesn't take over my mental state and leave me so depressed that I cannot move.

Mechanically it seems whats helping is just becoming super mindful that you are aware of the feelings that come... and when they arise you can choose to believe them and let them take you for a spin or you can let them go and watch your state of mind become neutral once again.

If I don't ever hit stream entry in this lifetime that would be enough for me, because becoming so sensitive to how you feel and being able to choose skillfully if you should believe them or not is just a huge eye opener in of itself.

Thanks again you all!