4-Week Meditation Courses in Toronto

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4-Week Meditation Courses in Toronto

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Hey Everybody,

I wanted to let you know about a meditation course I'm teaching in Toronto. If you live in Toronto and you've been looking to meditate with a community that reflects the principles and values of the DhO community, I think this would be a good place. I should add that it's in no way officially connected to DhO, but my approach to meditation practice and teaching is resonant with the non-dogmatic open-minded values of this community.

The next course begins Tuesday March 18th, 7-9pm and runs for 4 weeks. It is a beginner's course, but I think the discussions will have something of value for everyone, plus there we be a group meditation session at the end of every class. The next, more advanced, course begins April 22nd.

For details please visit www.avicraimer.com/courses. My contact info is on the site, so you can call or email me for more information about either the courses or one-on-one meditation instruction (which I can do over Skype if you don't live in the area).

All the best,