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The Universal Attainment Model

The Universal Attainment Model
4/20/14 6:28 PM
-Here is my best attempt at categorizing the nature of attainment and progression. Please note that when I say this model is based on ultimate reality, this is based on personal experience, which I have attempted to discuss more here. As is taught in Buddhism, there are two realities so to speak; relative, which is composed of concepts, and ultimate, that which is beyond concepts, that to which concepts point. I label this as the 'one great truth' as it is ultimate truth, it is the nature of reality unsullied by conceptual apprehension. The nature of reality is beyond our idea of dualistic separation, which is based in relative truth. Dualistic separation does not exist in the spere of ultimate truth, ultimately all things are intrinsically part of a great whole and thus inseparable.

Universal Attainment Model

Based in the idea of an Ultimate Nature of Reality. The recognition of this One Great Truth is the One Final State (aka: full enlightenment).

2 General Developmental Paths
-Soul Development
-Insight (into non-duality) Development

Soul Development
-Underlying basis: ‘soul’ -> that which remains upon full enlightenment (personality).
- Development in the form of ‘Life Lessons’.
-Various forms of energetic development may assist with this.

Insight Development
-Major developmental ‘school’ within greater soul development context.
-> Life on Earth: we inherently perceive dualistically.
-Immediate challenge to be faced.
-Hierarchical levels: progressive attainments* of recognition of non-duality.

Major points/Technicalities
-Soul development occurs regardless of Insight
-> However, as attainment increases it is sped up, like ‘gearing up’ (picture below).

-Soul development consists of overcoming ‘issues’: stuck energy holding patterns: (implicit) beliefs

-Insight development consists of progressively overcoming innate perceptual confusion; the cause of the illusion of separation and associated mental issues (explicit thought patterns (beliefs))
-The end result of ID is the perfection of awareness such that concentration** and insight are perfected and cannot be developed any further (the illusion of separation is overcome).

-Meditation related development explicitly deals with one of these issues: SD or ID
->ID is finite, however SD is infinite; ‘perfection’ is unlikely/impossible
->The core basis of emotions is in the soul; as such it is addressed by soul development and perfection is impossible
as soul development is infinite.

-In order to work with emotions (and underlying beliefs) (SD), it is very helpful to accomplish the path of ID, such that:
-One’s capacity to deal with emotions (SD) is increased.
-One’s understanding of emotions is clarified as a result of decreased
delusory thinking

*Attainment: Such that attainment is progressive, different practices do not cause different results; there are many routes to the same goal. Progressive attainment levels are like numerous layered spheres contained within each other. Such that levels exist, they may be reached by many different practices and need not be proceeded through in a ‘straight’ trajectory.
- In this example, all being’s awareness begins in the inner core (picture below), the crust being enlightenment. On the journey to enlightenment, beings progressively pass through the attainments of outer core, lower mantle… up until finally passing through the lithosphere into ‘the crust’. Numerous routes abound, from the beginning one may travel in literally any direction and move outwards, however the progressive layers encountered are the same regardless of the direction one travels.

**Concentration: attempting to develop solid focus on an object unimpeded by auxiliary concerns.
-The ultimate object is that which is all that exists: the ultimate
nature of reality.
-Full enlightenment is the end of dualistic separation, full union with the ultimate state.
-Therefore enlightenment is the ultimate perfection of concentration: union with the ultimate object.

RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/18/14 11:53 AM as a reply to T DC.
TDC I have a question based on your earlier thread of which I am a fan.

Karmic storehouse. You said that after the main "I" thought is seen through, you then had exhausted the karmic storehouse, after which no more confusion is possible. I think I know what you are saying, but can you give an direct example or 2 from your experience to be clear. e.g. "pre karmic storehouse clearing, thing XYZ would happen and 'I' would be confused, but post storehouse clearing, when XYZ would happen....." ? Thanks.

RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/18/14 1:38 PM as a reply to Sadalsuud Beta Aquarii.
Sadalsuud Beta Aquarii:

Karmic storehouse. You said that after the main "I" thought is seen through, you then had exhausted the karmic storehouse, after which no more confusion is possible. I think I know what you are saying, but can you give an direct example or 2 from your experience to be clear. e.g. "pre karmic storehouse clearing, thing XYZ would happen and 'I' would be confused, but post storehouse clearing, when XYZ would happen....." ? Thanks.

Yes, so after the end of all dualistic confusion, insight into the true nature of phenomena could not be further developed. However, conceptual beliefs regarding phenomena remained (Karmic storehouse). And a good example of this is..., so between when I was enlightened and when I exhausted the storehouse, about 4 months elapsed. The main issue during this time that I suffered with was a general sense of my own inferiority, not being good enough, or confident in myself. Experience was unified, but there was still conceptual doubt as to my place in the world, was I really good enough.. this sort of thing.

So, as you have no doubt experienced, we all have thoughts that run through our heads continuously. People refer to these as our stories, what we tell ourselves. To be fair, we're not really actively telling ourselves these stories, they're just there and we are subject to experiencing and believing them. The dawning of full enlightenment solved with finality my issue of being a separate lasting self, however, these conceptual stories remained.

When they finally were exhausted, in the days before the intensity of the thoughts gradually ramped up perhaps. Anyhow, the night they were exhausted, these thoughts were heavily prevalent and I felt somewhat overpowered by them. You know this experience, just an unstoppable chain of thoughts, always thinking at a background level, beliefs about yourself and the world. At any rate I was lying in bed that night and the chain came to an end; complete mental silence. It was remarkable!

The first thing I tried to do was stick my hand through the wall, I thought I had attained light body or something, ha. At any rate I could not pass through solid objects, it was simply that the ceaseless chain of belief had been full exhausted.


RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/21/14 10:58 PM as a reply to T DC.
To add somewhat of an interesting note, soul development occurs following the same basic progression of stages as the vipassana jhanas. These stages seem to be reflect a deeper spiritual/ universal reaction to distorted belief.

Let me give an example: Let's begin at the fruition and go through a subsequent cycle..

Fruition: The issue is seen clearly for what it is and let go of. Great peace results. The new base perceptual framework and reality fit seamlessly as though one's perception is entirely accurate.

(1st 3 stages: generally unnoticeable as usual).

A+P: The experience peaks, and it is suddenly perceived that one's new belief framework has a flaw, or does not accurately account for reality.

Dissolution: Somewhat of a depression in enthusiasm following finding an experiential flaw.

Progressive Dark Night Stages: One progressively moves through various ways of perceiving the issue, none of which seem to solve it. The annoyance caused by this issue gradually gets worse.

Re-observation: Nothing can be done about the issue and this is somewhat frustrating; no way out.

Equanimity: Allowing the issue to be. Though a resolution is not found, just sitting with it seems to be the best option. Then, distraction from the issue, a cease from all struggling/ tension, and..

Fruition: The issue is fully seen as exactly what it is, and it is thus automatically let go of.

In this way one is constantly working through progressive issues regarding the way one regards oneself and the world. These issues are innate to perception and are separate from dualistic confusion. While the true nature of reality is known (upon enlightenment), one's individuality continues to evolve, or is progressively uncovered.

Who are we? At a most basic level, we are all that is (the ultimate nature of reality); this is realized upon enlightenment. Within that framework however, we are ever evolving spiritual individuals.

I thought I'd share this as I find the connection between the insight stages and the infinite path of greater spiritual development quite interesting!

RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/22/14 1:30 AM as a reply to T DC.
Not my Three Trainings, it is the Buddha's Three Trainings: it is nothing to do with me, and is simply traditional teaching and categorization, a standard way of organizing the things we might work on and improve.

RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/23/14 6:17 PM as a reply to T DC.
Additionally, I will add this clarification:

There are three main phenomenal processes at work in our lives here on Earth..

1. The ultimate nature of all phenomena
2. Our individual souls, or 'true self'
3. The illusion of duality

The ultimate nature of phenomena is the true nature of all things. It is the great oneness at the basis of all things. From this, nothing is ever separated. The oneness exists eternally, and without change, yet is ever changing.

Our individual souls are our own unique awareness. We are all individuals within the greater framework of cosmic unity. As individuals we naturally seek always to transcend our current state of being in order to gain greater awareness. This progression is without clear limit.

The illusion of duality is that to which we are subject here on Earth. We believe ourselves to be separate and lasting individuals in a sense that is wholly un-reflective of our true nature (ultimate reality). This illusion can be overcome entirely, and must be in order for one to return to state of wholeness, which is our goal.

Thus most basically we suffer from delusion as to our true nature. Due to this we cannot acknowledge our true self's or souls. When we overcome our fixed dualistic attitudes, or blind grasping at concepts, taking that which is illusory to be solid and lasting, we realize the true nature of all things is in union and was never been otherwise. Simultaneously we acknowledge our genuine individual nature, and path of boundless development.

Thus it has been spoken!! ha. Anyone have opinions on this?

RE: The Universal Attainment Model
4/24/14 2:39 AM as a reply to T DC.
perhaps this is my buddhist conditioning, but I take issues with 2) the soul thing.

you can find what might be called evidence for such a thing, but you can't actually find the thing. that is relevant.