Vibrations and solidity during meditation

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Vibrations and solidity during meditation

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Hello, I'm new here. I've been praciticing Goenka style vipassana on and off for three or four years. During this last year I've been reading a lot, and also have been trying vipassana sort of how Mahasi teaches, although I only note sometimes, and just thoughts or emotions.

I guess one could say I've had an information overload, and I tend to jump from one thing to another. I had been practicing samatha for a few months, and today decided to go back to vipassana. I did a round of Goenka body scan, but defaulted back to the "Mahasi" way.

I've had plenty of strange ocurrences during retreats and some during regular life. I've read the insight maps, and to be honest I'm not sure where I am. 

It doesn't really matter what stage I'm on, I guess. I just sit and observe, always observing. So I guess I'll ask you folks about what happened today; maybe it's indicative of something, maybe not. 

During the initial body scan, I began noticing throbbing sensations all around (my blood pumping), and overall vibrations on the skin, as well as slight pains and aches. I carried on to observing whatever caught my attention, and the vibrations would just increase, as my attention was jumping around. Several times I felt very slight muscle contractions, as if I were about to tense up and start shaking (as has happened before), but I just watched them and they went away. Suddenly, the strangest thing happened: my arms felt as solid as very dense wood, and as inmobile as wood. My whole body felt solid, and some surface vibrations were present. For some reason I can describe what happened as feeling that my whole body was a big wooden head, my big wooden head. I sat with that for a while, and I can't really describe what I did afterwards, as it was mostly opening my eyes a bit, stretching a bit, and feeling done with tonight's session.

So, I'm going back to sitting in a while, without any expectations or any idea of where I am on the maps. It would be very interesting, though, if what I've described brings up some comments or insights. I'm familiar with Kenneth's texts, Ingram's, and in general have a good grasp of Theravadin teachings, so shoot away.


EDIT: I believe I've experienced A&P during my last retreat, a year ago. Can't be sure, though. Never am.
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RE: Vibrations and solidity during meditation

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id like to note that i have had this experience also.  in my description of it, it comes on, grows in intensity.  it feels like the whole body is becoming really dense.  the surface of the body feels like it is shaking.  there is a sense of something big is about to happen.  an ethereal, perhaps more imagined light illuminates the eyelids.  then it seems to fade away and everything returns how it was before. 

i speculate it is an unhealthy form of piti, perhaps something that occurs when you are in the third jhana, and you dip back down to the second jhana.  but i have no explaination for it, but i, also, would like to know more of its nature.