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Sutta Charts
sutta charts
11/3/15 7:52 AM
Doing my research going through all the mind and life fellows profile, I was quite happy to see some of the stuff on Andrew Olendzki, director of Barre Center for Buddhist Studies website. He has these neat charts called Sutta maps from selected suttas. Check it out:

Also, there seems to be a lot of other juicy stuff under the Works section.


RE: Sutta Charts
11/4/15 2:28 AM as a reply to Mettafore.

Will post a link to it.

RE: Sutta Charts
11/4/15 5:46 AM as a reply to Mettafore.
great post, thanks.  i guess my weekend is planned.

RE: Sutta Charts
11/4/15 7:14 AM as a reply to Mettafore.
I already like the guy.  his translational choices align with mine much better than other commentators:

The Jhàna Text
enters upon and abides in the first jhàna,
itakkavicàrànaü våpasamà  --  With the stilling of applied and sustained thought"

RE: Sutta Charts
11/4/15 12:44 PM as a reply to Mettafore.
Anytime. De rien ;) .

RE: Sutta Charts
11/5/15 10:44 AM as a reply to Mettafore.
What a great resource, thanks for linking to it.  I wonder if, someday, someone will edit out all the noise and publish a modern version of the old texts.  Update the language a bit, and remove the unnecessary repetition and the long intros, like:
I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One, on a wandering tour among the Kosalans with a large community of monks, arrived at Kesaputta, a town of the Kalamas. The Kalamas of Kesaputta heard it said, "Gotama the contemplative — the son of the Sakyans, having gone forth from the Sakyan clan — has arrived at Kesaputta. And of that Master Gotama this fine reputation has spread: 'He is indeed a Blessed One ...  etc etc..
I think some ten page suttas could be safely cut down to two pages.

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