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Concentration grows stronger then weaker ?

For awhile now i have been making great success with meditation. I spend alot of time trying to cultivate stronger concentration and i end up getting closer and closer to access concentration then jhana. This usually takes a few days of strengthening my concentration but it only goes to a certain extent.

Iv been having this issue for a whole few months now where i spend alot of time strengthening my concentration and then all of a sudden i wake up 1 morning feeling fatigued for the whole day and my concentration has been sapped from me so i have to start all the way back from the start again. I spend days cultivating concentration, then reset and repeat all over again. Any idea on how to get around this or what i could do?

1 guy told me that diet and sleep is very important because it can interfear with the mind's ability to concentrate which can be the cause for the lose of concentration and fatigued. Really stuck here and i wish my concentration wouldn't get reset all the time.

RE: Concentration grows stronger then weaker ?
2/3/16 9:05 AM as a reply to vic.
it is often assumed, erroneously, that meditaion is a linear growth curve from distracted life to nibbana.  it aint.  we're all a little different but a little the same too.  so while the general trend eventually move in the above mentioned direction we are in a constant fluid process of overcoming our weaknesses and building on our strengths, taking them on as they arbitrarily arise and pass away.

as long as you keep practicing the long term trend will win out.  a 'good' sit doesn't mean necessarily perfect concentration or blissful states, although these are not to be scoffed at.  having an uncomfortable sit with low concentration is probably more valuable than a comfortable one if you stick with that and understand it. 

what hindrances are coming up?  are you agitated? restless? bored? tired or listless are you doubting yourself or the technique?  i ask this because the hindrances are points which i used to avoid BECAUSE they are generally uncomfortable but are in fact the keys to the kingdom. once understood, or even just seen, one can move past them and settle down to real concentration.

RE: Concentration grows stronger then weaker ?
2/3/16 7:10 PM as a reply to tom moylan.
Most likely all of them but its probably 1 triggering off the next then the next, if anything its probably sloth and topor being the main one as i find my self extremely low of energy. Yes iv been eating well and getting my 7 - 8 hour rest. But i sitll feel extremely tired throughout the whole day, not sleepy just physically tired.