For those seeking active discussion about Actualism...

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For those seeking active discussion about Actualism...

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Hello all,

As mindfool noted recently[1], there isn't much discussion on this board about actualism anymore. As Noah pointed out in that same thread[2], there is a discussion group currently set up for discussing actualism and the actualism method. The group is quite active, with Richard even posting there occasionally (see 2015, 2016 archives).

To obviate someone having to post the links each time someone asks, I've decided to make a sticky with links to that group for ease of reference.

Please note, however, that the discussion group is *not* a general-purpose discussion group. From the group's description:
This group is for engaged discussion amongst anyone sincerely seeking to enjoy and appreciate each moment of being alive, and thereby to free themselves from the human condition, by being as happy and harmless and as in alignment to what is actual as possible, as amply described on the Actual Freedom Trust website. The site is the best written guide as to what is actual, and members are asked to learn and use the terminology as best they can, to facilitate sensible discussion.

This group is moderated to create a place where those well-intentioned folks in alignment to and/or open to what is actual can discuss without having to constantly deal with those who are ill-intentioned or opposed to what is actual. [...] [link]

Note in particular that the group is for "folks in alignment to and/or open to what is actual", not those who are "opposed to what is actual". In short, if you are interested and open to what is on offer then you are welcome to participate, but if you have already made up your mind that actualism isn't for you, or that it's another form of spirituality or any of the other frequently flogged misconceptions or commonly raised objections, then you need not inquire within. If that's the case, this DhO discussion board is a place where you can continue those discussions/debates about actualism with any interested parties.


Without further ado, here is the link to the discussion group:You may also be interested in the Gitter chat and the discussion group's companion wiki:
Beoman Claudiu Dragon Emu Fire Golem

P.S. Can someone explain why noone has been posting in the actualism inspired thread recently? :/ [link]

If you wanted to practice the actualism method, I reccomend joining this discussion group. [link]
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RE: For those seeking active discussion about Actualism...

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Thank you very much indeed.