Let's talk

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Let's talk

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I'm interested in having a secular,practical and open conversation through skype with practitioners preferably past stream entry. No BS, just straight up what one is honestly experiencing. 

I'm interested in listening to your meditation story, your accomplishments and failures. I would like to discuss about techniques, pathways / cycles, meditation in general and anywhere else the conversation may meander. Of course, I'm also looking for advice on how to progress my own practice. 

For what it's worth, I would diagnose myself as second path, EQ, possibly pre-stream entry, possibly on 3rd path. I'm really bad at diagnosing. I practice mainly noting, but recently it's more of an open awareness...

Hit me up on skype, user ID: thelyt , Melbourne Victoria. Just post here if you can't find me.

Cheers, let's have a conversation!
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RE: Let's talk

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Hi Mindfool, 

I sent you a skype request.  Looking forward to chatting.