Testing the Mind of Meditation

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Testing the Mind of Meditation

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Hi folks,

This might of interest and use. Feel free to comment.

Testing the Mind of Meditation

Mind of meditation is expressed and embodied by the physical body. State of mind and awareness (dual/nondual) can be demonstrated, verified and tested with simple physical contact. Please watch the video below for introduction.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pda7inbrm2g&feature=youtu.be

Four modes of mind

1. Dualistic frame of mind, embodying negative thought or emotion
2. Nondualistic frame of mind, embodying positive thought or emotion such as loving-kindness,
compassion, joy or peacefulness*, sutra-style
3. Nondualistic frame of mind, tantric guru yoga, tantra-style
4. Nondualistic frame of mind, open awareness/ati-meditation, ati yoga-style


Ways of testing

1. Gentle touch with soft pressure. Chest, shoulder, back, free variations. A way for beginners to see how their state of mind affects their bodies and how both negative and positive frames of mind can actually be concretized. Tester is there to give support for the tested.
2. Adding emotional negativity to the way of testing. Making physical contact in more aggressive manner, like poking to simulate conflict situations from everyday life. A way to test our frame of mind and attainment in an artificial conflict situation to see how our mind training might do in real life. Returing nondual frame of mind is one gets lost in dualistic mind content.
3. Very aggressive testing, poking and shoving by one or several testers. An artificially created situation where one's mind is tested in very aggressive conflict situation, as if bullied by one or several people.