new Thanissaro Bhikkhu talks

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new Thanissaro Bhikkhu talks

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Thanissaro Bhikkhu has been in the San Francisco Bay Area this last weekend. Saturday, he gave a day-long talk on the 8-Fold Noble Path, which he has been working over for a new book. The mp3 files are here:

Sunday he gave a talk on "The Treasures of Spiritual Materialism" – taking positive aspects from Buddha teachings on what one can gain from the path. The last part (from ca 38 min to end) he answers a question about "psychic powers", with stories about his teacher in Thailand who was good at that:

He gave another dhamma-talk this evening (09/27/2016) at Insight Meditation Center South Bay (website --talk probably won't be available on-line for a while), about suffering/stress as fabricated and how to understand this happens and fabricate something better...