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Lucid Dreaming and A&P

Lucid Dreaming and A&P
lucid dreaming
6/22/17 3:49 PM
I've been trying to diagnose where I am on the path models... I've been interpreting recent experiences on the cushion for being A&P, but I'm having second thoughts after reading more on A&P experiences.

About 4-5 years ago I got involved in lucid dreaming and about 2 years ago was at the stage of having 1-2 lucid dreams a week (not spontaneously).

During so-called 'WILD' lucid dreams (Wake induced lucid dream - when you enter a dream directly from the  waking state) there can be a transitionary state when unusual/interesting phenomena occur. One of these (that I was reminded of when looking into A&P) are strong body vibrations that can range from mild tingling to feeling like you're going to explode or that a strong electical current is running through the body.

Could these vibrational states also be A&P events? And if so, would that mean I've been a dark night yogi for at least 2 years without knowing it emoticon 

I know it's common to have lucid dreams during the 4th nana, but can it work the  other way round in that inducing a lucid dream brings you to the 4th nana? And therefore anyone who has had a lucid dream is in dark night territory whether they know it or not. Interestingly, now I think of it, the time I started lucid dreaming coincides with the beginnings of up/down moods and hieghtened interest in meditation/spirituality. 

Any thoughts on this are much appreciated! emoticon 

RE: Lucid Dreaming and A&P
6/22/17 5:13 PM as a reply to Keep Calm.
could be.

do you have a sitting practice?  are there replicable stages ou go through?  if so describe them.


RE: Lucid Dreaming and A&P
6/23/17 4:06 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
My sit this morning started with AP feelings of vibrations etc but also moved through pain and distraction. When I dropped noting the abdomen and did freestyle noting/choicless awareness, the AP feelings subsided and so did the pain. When I returned to noting just the abdomen, the AP feelings and pain return. Towards the end of the sit, frustration arose towards the practice.