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Shinzen Young


11/28/17 3:27 PM
I wanted to give an announcement letting you know that the mindfulness app based on the instructions of Shinzen Young, Brightmind, has launched in the App Store for iPhone (and iPad). (We're working on an Android coming soon.) I work on the team- let me know if you have any feedback!

We're really proud of our app so far. It's a great way to get people from zero (or twenty!) to sixty quickly. We think it's also a great way to get familiar with Shinzen's system, its breadth and depth.

We also wanted to let you know that our ultimate goal is to help people go deeper than other mindfulness apps which have been created so far. We're starting with bite-sized pieces, but dreaming big. We wanted to get your feedback about which features we should prioritize in order to move towards that goal.

Our current thinking is that 1-on-1 coaching - as an added feature - is the way to go, because a coach can basically do all of the other features (refer to classes, find out what student needs, refer to other reading and videos, etc.), in a dynamic and meaningful way.

What do you think? How can apps like ours help people go deeper with mindfulness and meditation?

RE: Brightmind
11/28/17 3:44 PM as a reply to Michael Fogleman.
If I make a suggestion you subsequently use do I get royalties?    emoticon