Beginner needs help

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Beginner needs help

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I am starting by apologizing for my poor English   emoticon
I am originally from Bangladesh, have been living in Ottawa, Canada for last 5 years, a 24-year old university student doing my undergraduate. I am a beginner meditator and heard about dharmaoverground and Daniel Ingram's book MTCTB recently. Before asking my question a bit about my meditation background:

  • I got introduced to meditation through a 10 day Goenka retreat that I completed in December 2016.
  • After the retreat, I continued practicing 2 hours a day (1 hour in the morning and 1 in evening) for about a week and then stopped.
  • I have started practicing 2 hours a day again for last 4 months.

I am increasingly feeling the need of keeping in touch with a teacher and/or advanced meditator who can guide me, as sometimes I feel confused and uncertainty about whether I am on the right track.
Is there anyone in the forum lives in Ottawa and able to meet up and help me? If not, can anyone suggest me a good teacher who is approachable, knows what he is talking about, lives in Ottawa and who I can meet in-person at least once a week/2 week?

I am lucky to be surrounded by some great friends who are amazing human beings. However, none of them are on any spiritual path or anything. So I have literally no one who I can share my difficulties related to meditation with. I feel that a teacher/friend/community who I can sometimes meet up with would be great.

Thank you so much emoticon 
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RE: Beginner needs help

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I believe Yutthadhammo bhikku has a meditation center in hamilton. He does have an on-line meditation class, who meet weekly.