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Novice: Noting for concentration or insight?

Hi all, this is my first post, and I'm a beginner meditator. I've started reading heavily in this subject, including Daniel Ingram's book. However I have only just started, and in terms of my practice I have not experienced "access concentration", so my questions will be coming from a place of inexperience and ignorance, but I would like to ask and clarify as I go, rather than have a backlog of uncertainties and confusions accumulating and distracting me. 

One question I have so far is about the application of the "noting" technique. I would like to experiment with this, but I'm wondering if it is meant specifically for insight training, or if it is also recommended for concentration training as well. I'm focused on building concentration first, so would making a deliberate practice of noting be of much use to me, or should I just think in terms of focusing on a concentration object, at least until I can practice access concentration?

Thankful for any perspectives on this.

RE: Novice: Noting for concentration or insight?
7/2/18 6:32 AM as a reply to Evan.
You can use noting to develop concentration too - just note a bit slower and "soak into" each noted sense experience as it comes up for a couple of seconds. If the experience disappears, you can keep your attention in the "space" where the event took place. You can develop both concentration and insight this way - it's how Shinzen teaches it primarily. It's a slower, more gradual, but also easier way to develop both.

RE: Novice: Noting for concentration or insight?
7/2/18 1:39 PM as a reply to Evan.
It depends on what you want to do and also what you mean by “concentration”.

Very strong concentration can be developed by noting, and it is a question of what that concentration power is directed towards that will determine a lot of its flavor, meaning more momentary concentration that is fast and nimble or more samatha-esque concentration that is deep and steady.

As it sounds like you want to go “concentration first”, by which I take it to mean you mean samatha first then vipassana, you might try techniques other tha noting, note more slowly (as recommended above), or use objects such as a candle flame or other kasina.

RE: Novice: Noting for concentration or insight?
7/2/18 6:16 PM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Hi Daniel, pleasure to meet you. When I saw you in an interview I knew I needed to read your book; it's a perfect fit for someone like me, so please accept my thanks and gratitude. 

Yes, I thought I should focus on concentration at least until I can maintain a focused concentration for a long period of time, before exploring insight-specific practices. It seemed like the natural progression. I use the breath as my object, so I was thinking of noting just the sensations of the breath, and noting any distractions from the breath, as a way of reinforcing my focus. If I understand correctly, this might be a feasible technique for the more "deep and steady" kind of concentration.

I will also give the kasina practice a try. Thanks.