Still dreamining of Jnani

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Still dreamining of Jnani

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Well, I'm new here, so this is only my 2nd post. Wearing out my welcome by trying to "crack a funny" might be ill advised, but here it is happening anyway....

I thought "I Dream of Jnani" was a hilarious idea for a T-shirt, even though my main practice has been dry (mostly dry) Insight/Vipassana work [Mahasi style] every day for the last 3 years. I recall suggesting this on another mystical forum some time ago and nobody seemed to laugh, but:

1. So the only way one could *become* a Jnani (or any thing at all) would be to dream it, no?
2. Plus the dream of such a thing is a dream within a dream, so we're going recursively into paradox already. Fractals anyone?
3. Of course the illusion to "I Dream of Jeannie" - nuff said.
4. I don't officially practice Vedanta/Advaita, so there's another contradition...sometimes funny.
5. Ok, so it's tried to unpack/unzip 4-levels so far, so is it even funny anymore?
6. Hey kids, are we Highest Yoga Tantra yet?
7. Sorry all you *serious* seekers!

...I feel like I've debased any chance of real humor now, with all the proliferation/explanation, yet that's kind of funny too in a slightly me-effacing way. Like that Isaac Asimov essay where he attempts to analyze the phenomenon of jokes and why/how they work on the human mind. His model is simple and compelling, but falls apart when he tries to come up with some examples from his own mind right off the cuff/freestyle so to speak....and the result to me, as a kid reading was....well...not laughter.   emoticon

Dang, maybe I ought to look into Jnani yoga!

Sorry for any inauspiciousness, or offensive acrimonious malaise...but then, this is the humor section, right?
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