Feeling grateful

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Feeling grateful

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Author: shokolah
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Just wanted to thank you all for your various contributions. This morning I got up at 5 am, felt energize and completely at peace with myself. I knew deep down I had made the right decision to leave my group. I now feel so free. It is an incredible feeling. I feel for the very first time in 35 years, empowered to change the course of my life and become the master of my destiny. That's a bold statement but this is how I am feeling right now! This morning I also received news that my partner's cancer is returning. I am aware of the raw emotion inside but joyful in the sense that I am going to be able to help him. Am I normal? (laugh). You don't have to answer this!
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RE: Feeling grateful

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I also would liek to express my deepest gratitutde. This place is a blessing and wothout it my meditation would still be a stagnant confusing mess. Sorry to hear about your partnet shokolah. And I don´t think anyone is ¨normal¨ here, I mean compared tot he rest of the world. But that´s a good thing! Lots of metta for everyone here!!!!!!