Dan's revised four path model note

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Dan's revised four path model note

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Reading Dan's revised four path model https://www.dharmaoverground.org/dharma-wiki/-/wiki/Main/MCTB+A+Revised+Four+Path+Model

says -

"It was only when I had gotten so sick of the cycles and realized that they were leading nowhere that I was able to see what has nothing to do with the cycles, which wasn't anything but a strange untangling of the knot of perception of them."

Which sounds like what a lot of teachers say about meditation not being the cause of enlightenment, or that the seeker is the problem obstruction, that sort of thing.
For example what Shinzen Young says here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sCj9PDyPsg

So (and maybe Dan if you're reading) is that description of the four path model basically a summary of the reason behind self inquiry and direct pointing ?
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RE: Dan's revised four path model note

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Well, not necessarily. It didn't imply those, though it doesn't explicitly contradict them.

Rather, the point was a mix of factors, maturity, time to integrate, time to get used to insights, as well as a very high level of high sensate clarity that finally saw those last little patterns of sensations that were not perceived clearly enough, as well as a very high degree of dispassionate disenchantment with specifics, and that included cycles, stages, states, and all of that, as, having been through them thousands of times, I realized they all ended and thus, while contributory to the clarity that finally made it happen, they themselves were not the answer, though, as the answer was whatever was happening (albeit perceived in a totally different way, a way that did require very high degrees of clarity and other factors that those states and stages did make possible). 

That help?