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Dealing with the Dark Night

Natural way out of the Dark Nights...

Natural way out of the Dark Nights...
5/24/09 11:42 AM
Author: thittato
Forum: Maps of Meditation

... through acceptence and surrendering?


As I was listening to the podcasts from the Hurricane Ranch meeting I picked up that Tarin mentioned that one of his friends had accepted that she might had to spend the rest of her life in the Dark Nights, and then some of the other participants quickly mentioned that that was actually Equanimity.

Is getting to Equanimity that simple? If so, please elaborate... :-)

Could the chronic dark nighter eventually get to this point without formal practice?

Could one accept the dark night stuff to such an extent that one simply will not backslide, even without a strong practice of any kind?

Could this be seen as a more natural and organic "soft vipassana jhana" way of evolving, compared to intense concentrated retreats with "hard vipassana jhana"?