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Liferay 7.3 Upgrade Done! Please us know in if it is working properly. Important


Dear All,

The remarkable Manish has managed to upgrade Liferay, the platform the DhO runs on, to version 7.3! This is a remarkable accomplishment, as Liferay upgrades have proved mind-boggling difficult, with each one we have done taking teams of people over a year each with many errors and failures along the way. Many thanks to Manish! If you find any errors, glitches, problems, or areas for improvement, please let us know in the dedicated thread below "Liferay 7.3 Feedback." Thanks!

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Looking for suggestions on which Yoga Teacher Training to take.

Alex, modified 2 Years ago.

Looking for suggestions on which Yoga Teacher Training to take.

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Hello all,
My meditation and yoga background:  200 days of meditation retreat over the last 5 years, during non-retreat days sitting 1 1/2 hrs a day.  Been going one class of yoga a week and doing 20 mins of yoga a day on my own.  So my background is heavy on meditation light on yoga. 

I am wanting to firm up on yoga as a means for deepening and integrating the meditation practice.  Also I'd like to be able to teach it.  So, I would like to do a one month 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course during the winter of 2018-2019.
I am located in the South East United States.  I can travel abroad.  Can do the training in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or German.  So I am flexible on language and location.

I'd like to train in a school of yoga that is spritual, and meditative in focus, something that will integrate well with my meditation practice.  So, looking for a seriously spiritual yoga school, not "fashion yoga" (don't mean to be aversive here.).   :-)

Anyway, with that said, does anyone have an suggestions as to where to take it?  Been looking so far at the Sivananda Bahamas and Sivanada in Southern Brazil.

Also, It would be nice to not pay out the nose.  If need be paying $3,000 is ok.  But it would be better to get it a little cheaper.  But this is of secondary concern to the quality and spritual focus on the training.

I would really appreciate advice around this.

Thank you.
Kim Katami, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Looking for suggestions on which Yoga Teacher Training to take.

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Check Zen Ways in UK and soon in US too. Daizan Skinner who is a zen teacher teaches that.
Ok, thanks Kim