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Lets Get Clear About Perfect Enlightenment

Lets Get Clear About Perfect Enlightenment

I haven't been able to get my user account activated at awakenetwork so I'm copying the OP from a thread there, entitled Lets get clear about Final Awakening. I recommend reading through the thread. I'd appreciate if someone active at awakenetwork could post this thread, to the thread there. Thanks.

Anthony Yeshe quoted with >, my comments with -.

>Lets get clear about final awakening. Lets make this a collective approach and pull no punches. For those who had an initial awakening, what to do next? To use Adyashanti's lingo, you are indeed enlightened after your initial awakening where the aperture opens up, but then it
closes again and ego fights back
. Then you have a (~10 years of it by a few reports) post-awakening period where you are now changed
forever but not quite fully done.

- To be exact: Initial awakening is an opening of aperture. That is a very fitting description. However, if awakening is legit, it does not close again. This is not a correct way to understand it which I think reflects insufficient view on the whole project. The thing is that just one or even several awakenings are not enough. The number of awakenings doesn't really matter but it seems to me that few really have a complete picture of the path, from beginning to end. Suggested reading: What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice

>Post-initial awakening is all about getting that damn aperture to stay open. This means that we are working towards an abiding state of awakening. There is not much information about this phase. I don't accept that it is because it is highly individualized or mysterious. I purpose
here that we attempt to develop it anyways. Lets shed light on all the dark spots that we can and see what we come up with.

- I don't accept it either. It is only logical that if it is possible to have one awakening, it should be possible to attain perfect enlightenment, and if it is possible, let's go for it! However, between initial opening and perfect enlightenment (buddhahood, anuttara samyak sambodhi) there's a lot of things to consider. Nevertheless, none of it is rocket science, imo.

>For the first part of this process I suggest we state our current assumptions, goals, and definitions for all to critique. In this, I hope we get a baseline on where we are at, where we are trying to go, and are we all experiencing the same truth? This will have to be a non-religious (sorry buddha, but you dont own enlightenment) and non-traditional approach. Enlightenment theory is obviously very contended and hotly discussed (many practices, teachers, methods, sudden vs developmental, etc.) but my main objective here is to maybe find out what we all have in common. What is the lowest common denominator in all of this? Perhaps getting clear about some aspects of this path will be helpful for us to make progress again.

- I really recommond reading my book above to answer many of these questions.

>Here are some questions to start:
1) Where are you at currently and honestly tell us where your end goal is. Do you believe there is an end goal (It depends how you approach this philosophically).
2) Defend/explain your experience(s) of awakening. What is it like for you not being in this state 24/7 once having experienced it at least once? How do you know it was the real deal? This is dangerous but it can be helpful to compare notes.
3) What is your definition as final awakening/enlightenment/done? How do we get there? Who has this info sufficiently spelled out?

-1) Knowing awareness is my default mode of being but I'm still working on neutralising some subtle layers of substrate mind. I don't feel like being more specific than that on an open forum. Perfect wakefulness is my goal and I know that it is possible in this life. By saying this, I'm not special in any way. In our sangha we have a group of people at, let's say mature stage, where they have familiarised nature of mind and are in the process of integrating it completely. This has been achieved by numerous practitioners of history before.

- 2) Sudden and gradual ways of awakening are discussed. I've had 16 awakenings, major shifts, and a number of gradual awakenings. You can find my account, written quite recently from the linked book, page 51. I have also given instructions how dynamic concentration can be used to effect consecutive awakenings.

- 3) To be perfectly enlightened means to be perfectly awake, being in a state of pristine purity. What this purity is, didn't really dawn on me until a year ago, when my mind was at a full halt for an hour. By then I had had over 20 shifts (that didn't regress). Then I understood what ”pristine purity of emptiness” is.

- How do we get there? The self-based mind is like a Russian doll (analogy mentioned in the book too). Pre-awakening you are enclosed
as the smallest doll, inside the rest of them. Culturally, practitioners don't have but a few major shifts at tops so they are still somewhere there inside the biggest doll (layer of self-based mind). So, we have to know exactly where we are in terms of start and finish. Then we have to know a way to crack the nut, for doing that enables us to come to a stage where we no longer need to worry about finding knowing awareness anymore.