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screen name

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i made a post earlier today and would appreciate it if only my screen name, and not my full name, showed on the thread.

thank you
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RE: screen name

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Yeah, I had an issue with this as well. I feel like a lot of new members probably go through something like this when they first join the site (or at least I did):

  1. Seeing that there are fields both for full name and for screen name, they assume that full name is required for some reason but that only their screen name will be displayed on threads.
  2. They post their first thread, realize that it displays their full name, and then go to their profile to change their "full name" to something more anonymous.
  3. They realize that doing so does not change the full name displayed on the first post(s) they made before changing their profile, and do one of a few things:
    1. Decide they don't really care that much but still feel kind of uncomfortable with their full name being attached to accounts of their inner experience on a public site and maybe feel a little less safe when writing future posts because of it.
    2. Delete the posts with their full name, leaving future readers wondering what the original context was for the insightful replies they read there. I've seen several threads like this.
    3. Make a thread like this one.
I think this issue really ought to be fixed, or at least there should be some warning text on the signup page saying not to include your actual full name if you are not comfortable with that.