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Hey all, 

I want to do my future research on the vagus nerve, autonomic ns dysregulations and spiritual phenomena. I know that Dr. Ingram leads a very interesting project but I haven't found much clinical descriptions of spiritual phenomena yet (probably because as of now there are not too many). Maybe I didn't search properly enough. I would be thankful if some of you who are interested in this topic could provide some interesting links. 
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Dear Oatmilk,

Yes, the EPRC is a very interesting project, yet, yes, it doesn't describe much yet, as the point really is to build the necessary structures to get a more sophisticated functional clinical knowledge of what we are calling "emergent phenomena" into the clinical mainstream and public consciousness in a way that scales globally and is based on high-quality data, and that takes a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of careful scientists, clinicians, linguists and anthropologists, data analists, epidemiologists and the like, as well as lots of data sources and publications in major journals of sufficient weight to strongly and conviningly argue for global institutional change.

This is a very, very different scale and project from some dude writing some book based on the expert opinion level of data from their own experience and personal exposure to a selection-biased case series filitered through their own tradition and its orthodox ontologies and terms, and, instead, is what you have to do it to get into the major textbooks, protocols, board exams, etc. of the clinical mainstream, or at least have a serious shot at it, as there is politics and culture wars and players in adacemia doing what they do, meaning battle for power and dominance.

So, as we don't have that data yet, we aren't saying much, as there isn't much yet to say that is based on the evidence quality we require for the EPRC to succeed. 

Still, very happy to chat with you about your ideas, and you can reach out on the contact section of 

Best wishes,

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but a couple of things come to mind.  Personally I have been pretty interested in the vague nerve as a kind of obvious physical analog to human energetic dantien/ chakra type experience. 

The idea being taoist energy systems describe 3 main energy center, our upper, middle, and lower dantiens, which basically correlate to the third eye, heart center, and root chakra in a more indian/ western schema. 

Udt / third eye = insight and mental strengths, mdt/ heart = compassion and love, ldt/ root = physical vitality/ charisma, and between them runs the central meridian, which both connects these center and allows for communication and integration between them.

There are various correlations in western science and medicine: Ldt : the importance of gut flora, esp in serotonin production  (strong ldt activity = stabalized and buoyant mood, basically the effects of serotonin)

Mdt : role of heart in emotional regulation  - ex increased heart attacks with emotional stress, ect.  Heart Math has done a bunch of interesting studies on this (and now seems to be commercializing it but still worth checking out). Two way communication between heart and brain supporting the idea of literally heart based emotional regulation (Google " the significance of the heart-brain connection " gets into neural pathways as well as regulatory neuro chemicals produced in heart itself)

udt : ...

central meridian: vagos nerve as described. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​just some quick ideas but hope it helps.
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Hey Daniel,

thank you for your detailed and thoughtful reply.  With this in mind, I hope that we will be able to collect more important data in the coming years and I am very excited about it.

​​​​​​​Best wishes! 
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Hey T DC, 

indeed it's a very interesting topic and I'll keep in mind your thought process. Thanks for sharing!