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expirence i got meditating
1/20/15 6:48 AM
I did lots of meditation and had pain in different parts of my legs sitting - and then in one meditation all my legs lower body started hurting - but not in points but as a single unit   - the pain was very strong and all across the leg (foot, pelvic ect  the intire leg not only the foot) and than the pain dissapered - what was this expirence ? is it a&p or something like that ?

RE: expirence i got meditating
1/20/15 8:18 AM as a reply to water drop.
The pain in your legs and body can be a sign of the #3nana: 3C's. Then the disappearing could be a sign that you entered into early A&P. You don't give much information about how long you meditate and what experiences you had before this happened. If you give that information, it will be easier for people to respond to your question.

RE: expirence i got meditating
1/20/15 9:03 AM as a reply to John Power.
It was on the end  of a 14 retreat mahasi style not the last day maybe 3 days before it ended - after that there was nothing special  - but after that i has a new set of "pains"  in different locations than i had before - in a another 10 day retreat i did i had the same expirence again a few days before it ended

what is early a&p ? did i reach it twice ? am i stuck there (and that means im not advancing)  ?

RE: expirence i got meditating
1/20/15 1:26 PM as a reply to water drop.
You have to give more information for us (me) to give decent advice or analysis.

What did you experience before the pain?
What did you experience after the pain?

In the experiences above:
What was the body like? What was the mind like? What was the awareness like?
Is the pain solid, just pure pain or is there a tingling sensation?
How was the breath?

RE: expirence i got meditating
1/20/15 2:00 PM as a reply to John Power.
Before the pain i had small pain in my toes and a little in the pelvic - after the pain lifted i was without pain for a few more meditation "sittings"  maybe a day after and than i started having pain but in different areas

I was equanimous to the pain - or actually happy about it because i was told its "dhamma healing" and also i was excited thinking that maybe after the pain i would have some crazy expirenece   -  plus because this was a "new" pain i was pretty sure its not "real" and thought its purely a meditation related pain

but i would say that in general i was equanimous towards the pain except for the ecitment -  so i can say that the pain wasnt diturbing to me and i did have equanimity towards it

the pain was extremly solid - and i felt as if my legs were made of a "cement" of pain    -

after meditation i was sitting straight without tilting to the side

i didnt really notice the breath - i might have even forced it a bit - so i guess it was fast but im not sure - what i did is focus on tocuhing points i notice after the breath - and i forced them and the breath so i can move fast between them (i kno w its not smart)   - in short i dont remembet the breath

about the body and i had another expirence - in a meditation that the tocuhing point werent really on my normal size body and werent exactly on my body but just vague or maybe a bigger body not acurate sized body - and in the next meditation sitting at least in the start i was suprised at how small the body is and how accurate im noticing the "touching points" as oppsed to the previous meditation (or meditations i dont remember now)

by the way once in the retreat i dont remember when i found myself after the meditation lying on the floor not sitting- is that some sepsific stage expirence ?

now reading this this expirences sound profund but the only really clear one was that very strong solid pain all over my lower body and it lasted for a long time - and it seemed to get stronger with the meditation time advancing

RE: expirence i got meditating
1/21/15 6:35 AM as a reply to water drop.
These descriptions are typically 3# nana 3C's. You are learning that all experiences are impermanent, suffering and not under your control. Investigate the pain and become the one who knows everything about the pain. Where is it located? Does the location change?  Does the bodily sensation stays the same? Does the intensity stay the same? What is your reaction towards the pain? Is it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? Where is this feeling located? Is it always the same? These things you have to investigate for yourself. You don't have to give me the answers. Instead give yourself the answers through meditation. Make the pain your primaire object. Investigate! Good luck!