My recent experiences

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My recent experiences

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Im serious meditator recently I overcame a serious problem I encountered which was when I opened up into the void while meditating I used the thought as I entered "I have no past no known future all I have is now" bit like jumping off a cliff with no identity. I used this method in the past to enter greater levels.

After doing this a few times my mind revolted to being pushed into the void so quickly and my body began twitching and shaking every time I tried to enter deep meditation after the first episode. This continued with very pronounced shaking all over my body and started to happen when I wasnt meditating. I had to back off and only after a couple of months I overcame this nervous problem although I still hava a slight twitch when entering deep meditation.
The other problem I have is as I enter deeper meditation I am having difficulty breathing. ThisĀ  happens sporatically and goes away if I stop meditation its as if my mind is trying to stop me again. I can work through this to the other side after about 30 minutes of continuous meditation and my breathing returns normally.

Any comments would be much appreciated

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RE: My recent experiences

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Did you do other techniques such as pranayama or specific mudras before? Or anything else that comes to mind.
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RE: My recent experiences

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No I had been there before.

I have to say I returned to meditation a couple of years ago after an absence of about 20 years. I stopped because I thought I had reached the end of meditation. I could say it was Nibbana I entered this state on 3 consecutive days after this I stopped meditating I thought I was in decidedly dangerous territory. The episodes changed me profoundly and I would always think about it. Words do not do it justice so I wont go there.

I decided to return to daily meditation practise two years ago as I never really got over those episodes and wanted to go back there.

At the time of the nervous shaking and muscle spasms I was pushing myself very hard, deep concentration on one point then abandoning my identification. Im over it now but it took six months of slowly decreasing symptoms it was interesting how the mind rebelled against being pushed too hard without being relaxed first. I can now understand why people have nervous twitches or similar conditions after going through this and out the other side, there is definate dangers to meditation if not done with patience and some insight. I just pushed too hard too soon as I wanted results. I continued to push it for about a week and the symptoms continued to get worse each day until I backed off and would not go deeper until I was fully relaxed and ready and then only slowly and gently.

It really took me years of practice to enter those advanced states I entered years ago.

The occurance of not being able to breath is intimitant. Normally during deep meditation the pleasure I get from feeling the breath and controlling it - how smooth and wonderful it is bit like playing music being so intimate with it. I couldnt imagine smoking knowing how most people never really feel the breath how I have. Anyway the difficulty breathing is like I cant get enough air in only just enough to stay alive its as if my mind is controlling the breath to stop me being in control. I dont think this is a big problem not like the nervous spasms as itĀ  only occurs now and then, the nervous spasms and muscle jerks were starting to happen in normal daily thinking and especially entering deeper meditation.

Id finally like to say thanks for the reply its great to express myself finally as my whole family and friends are completely ignorant to buddhism or meditation and I cant speak to anyone about these things, they really are in the mindset of saying all wars are caused by religion and have closed minds they are really more interested in whats on the tv that night.