Intuitive meditation or what to call it

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Intuitive meditation or what to call it

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Lately when beginning Anapana, my spine goes erecting and I can feel some energy movement like a stream through the body. This happened today as well.

I just sat meditating and I began doing Anapana according to instructions by Daniel M. Ingram. Just observing the breath. Then I felt I wanted to let the meditation go intuitively, so I gently was letting go of the technique based meditation towards a free flow meditation. So after a while the meditation was going by itself, just observing what ever happened, just observing the attention going where it wanted to go and it felt verry, natural and right! Then pendeling back at times to a more technique based meditation. I felt like there was going an energy flow from my pelvis up through the body and out of the head, like magnetism, like these typical meditation pictures of an magnetic field going through the body and out in the head to return in the pelvis, like an continous flow. But I have to mention that imagination of this typical flow was involved so I could not feel convinced that it did go like this, I also felt peaceful of not knowing this for sure and I just continued observing. As well I sensed a flow in my spine but more subtle and undefined. The energy could also go downwards to a sexual energy and then I could turn it up again through observing inside the belly area and the heart. It came waves of joy, waves of excitement, waves of love, waves of gratitude and will to live, waves of tranquility. Even though parallell with intense sensations in the whole body, not verry pleasent neither verry unpleasent.

When I began technique based meditation like I began scaning from the top of the head and down, Goenka style, it felt like unnatural. Then I shifted to scan from the toes and up through the body instead and that felt more natural and free flowing but still not enirely. So I returned to just observing and letting my awareness do its own thing. Each time when I returned like this I felt it was coming back to a zero point of a continous flow with the awareness observing by it self. So I wonder, what is this ”zero point” in Daniel M. Ingrams terminology?

I have felt this while intoxicated by LSD, but more intense and upleasent. But the character was the same like a continous flow and a sense of infinite. At times with impatience and at times with acceptance, and this is the suffering in a nutshell. It seems infinite and continous, its something I want to accept and be happy with always and I desire even more to come out of it completely, being free and nothing.

I have had much more altered states then this experience, this was quite grounded or something. Was it A&P? Mind & Body?

I describe this with my own words since it feels right and true.

Like this.:
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RE: Intuitive meditation or what to call it

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Hey Jonas,

I am not sure what the 'zero point' would be analagous to, but perhaps it would simply refer to the full maturation/peak insight of whatever nana you are in?

The only nana I have had that feels specifically like LSD euphoria are strong a&p's.  That said, lots of other nanas have had different mind-altering qualities to them.  The effects you describe seem to involve a strong combination of mind & body flow, as opposed to observing the relationship between them, so I would guess it is the a&p.
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RE: Intuitive meditation or what to call it

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Alright thanks for the confirmation!! I been feeling quiet equanemous since the experience so maybe Im still in the A&P? but a more quiet section, I have not noticed any Dark Night. I really been wating for it and kept being aware to not fall this time... But I still have some doubt of my attainments, even though I have more trust in my interpretation of the maps now.