Energy healing tips

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Energy healing tips

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Thinking of doing energy healing again (I used to do it). Any tips for amazing and energising results ?
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RE: Energy healing tips

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Don't do it. At least not as you the individual, our human nervous/Nadi systems are just not strong enough to do it, and the karmic blowback is unpredictable. Definitely limit the healing via affirmations - if you're healing a boil, don't offer open ended healing, such as "may this person be well, and free of all afflictions". This can set up a multi year auto debit on your karmic bank account. Instead say something like, "may this boil here be removed, and only the boil and not underlying reasons etc.".

Depending on your Karma clearing rate you may experience it as a boil too, if you're at the same karmic speed as the patient, or you may only exhale some air forcefully, or feel an inner tightness, if you're capable of a higher rate of processing.

I find it better to work via a divine being or deity, like the medicine Buddha or Tara. They are energy forms designed for this purpose. In any case, don't do it unless you are totally okay with sacrificing yourself, that will make it bearable even if there's unforeseen consequences.
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RE: Energy healing tips

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So saints doing shaktiput, they must be taking on the paerson's karma in order to boost them on the path ? Maybe taking another round of rebirth to pay for it. Is that what boddhisatva is all about, the delay in completion of enlightenment is to pay off other's karma debts ?

Thing is, with reiki, you're useing universal energy not personal energy, there is no persona burden you're just a channel. And with christian healing it's done by God so no debt. Is the karmic debt trap just a buddhist phenomenon because it's all about personal effort and merit?
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RE: Energy healing tips

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Wasn't reiki started by expelled Zen monks? One might even think they left before they learnt everything there was to learn. There is no free lunch in this world, even in the metaphysical. Someone somewhere has to pay off the karmic debt. It could be the patient, or the healer or the God/Godess/Guru.

Karma works just like money, governments can run up greater debts than an individual, even trillion dollar deficits, but they too must honour their debts like the common man, or the consequences are disastrous.

The cases where gurus suddenly lose it and act immorally, or get cancer or other diseases happened on account of the karmas of their students coming to bite. Rajneesh took in some of the darkest Karmas since his students were less than ideal candidates, often drug addicts and people in very dark places, so  Rajneesh's growing attachment to wealth, then drugs, sex and what not was the outcome. In his refreshed role as Osho he destroyed the religion he had created, since he had clearly found being a God is hard work. It was too late for him. Bhagavan Ramana, and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa both got cancer on account of taking on karma of others. Enlightenment, where you realise that you are one with everything is also when you become responsible for everything.
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RE: Energy healing tips

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P.S. Gods are living beings too. I didn't address this point earlier, so separate post.

If God could do all the healing then why did Christ have to die on the cross? Why didn't Christ invoke the unlimited power. 

The common man thinks governments have unlimited cash because they can just print money, but once in government he realises it's not so simple. So too, once one becomes enlightened, i.e. one with the divine, one realises there is no unlimited supply of anything. Every bit of it has to be repaid.

In the Indian school of theology, I.e. Hindu and Buddhist, Gods are also living beings, like humans. They are ascended beings who decided to dedicate their lives to helping others. They live outside this meatspace reality, so they may live millions of years, but they work day in and day out to keep the worlds going.
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RE: Energy healing tips

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Uh...okey. I see a lot of ideas and opinions here. 

Just my opinion too.

My "spiritual path" start with astrologers, tarotist, healers, channelers, shamans and all this stuff, all with they theorys about how things work, bad karma, bad energys, not enough eleveted, not open hearth, be carefull of this, be carefull of that.

Seems that everyone is ill and everyone has bad vibrations and energys, they are experts preciving bad things and also they are experts in knowing what is wrong with you and know everything about you, 95% is just talktrash. What I dont understand is what is so easy to feel the bad energy/vibrations of others but not the good ones. 

I meet very magical ppl and they really had some pyshic powers and the expiriences I had with them break all the logic and the foundations without any kind of drug or plant involved. Totally Carlos Castaneda stuff, break mind expirences.

But you know what? There are only fireworks, what goes up fast also goes fast down. They can boost you with energy but this energy will disaper and you will be again where you was.

So healing...hmm I dont know, expecting other to fix your problems, giving power to them. Beliving that one can fix other problems, good ego boost for feeling special and unique.

I know is not always that way and all these ppl usually are full of good intentions. But there is a tiny line in real magic work, fantasy from the mind and insanity so be carefull walking this territory.

If you want to have fun and take it like a hobby to explore energy, having a good time, relaxing togheter and this stuff its ok, just have fun and be open and equanimus with the feelings sensations you can precive from the other person, empathy and compassion can really heal.

For my expirence the most skillfull ppl with energy stuff have a natural gift for it, or they tell that are conected with some entity that boost or help them in the process at least is what they say. Also they trust 100% what are they doing and they method.
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RE: Energy healing tips

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It's OK I don't expect to be healing any gods, so if you have tips for humans that'd be lovely.
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RE: Energy healing tips

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Hi Stickman, I can share some good and interesting books about healing

Hands of light - classic one.
Matrix energetics and The physics of miracle from Richard Bartlett, I like his approach. 
Healing words Good reading, He try to get some data about intentions, prayer and good energy applied in living beings.

I did the healing stuff to in the past, form me the best is to practice everyday with yourself also if you have a friend or a partner to practice and share exprience would be great. 

Hope this help you ;)
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RE: Energy healing tips

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Karma may be a good conventional deterrant for certain actions, though viewing it as similar to a bank account or good karma Vs bad karma is an inaccurate representation popular in less than pragmatic spiritual communities. The new age movement thrives on material like this because good and evil, debt and credit easily validates cultural bias which sets the cornerstone of how we as individuals are expected to behave.

The danger of viewing karma like this is that it oversimplifies a complex scenario that cannot be predicted. Rather it would be more accurate to view it as a path that is created by none other than people walking on it. Karma is an abstract concept which merely outlines a pattern that is observed in nature, and there can be quite obvious reprocussions to an action, along with some rather subtle ones, emerging whenever it is time.

The Buddha himself taught that karma was a seed, which when watered in a field, grew based upon the conditions being met, which has a different mechanism than the often flouted simplified versions that those spreading nothing but 'love and light' appear to adopt. This can create aversions to anything that isn't considered 'good', creating a shadow side of denial and bypassing, which tends to create an army of neurotic spiritual people that have no idea that Samsara has an even deeper clutch over them.

Assuming that intention alone has the ability to remove a boil, which for at least most people, is an assumption, what is it that connects it to a boil on another person. While I imagine there can be many sympathies with the mind/body system which appear extramundane to those brought up in a Newtonion belief system, I believe that it is not enough to validate unverified claims suggesting the entanglement of 2 discrete objects that have no inherent existence.

I hope this makes sense, and I do not want to belittle any ideas, however I believe that it is important to bring into question assumptions that are there because of a fluid belief system in case sensations of reality become misinterpreted as us humans love to do.