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Verbal noting?
9/25/10 2:49 AM
Hi guys.. rookie here. I'm confused about whether or not noting is done verbally or not. I'm not sure how else to do it really. By verbally I don't mean out loud but by thinking verbally. This is how I thought it was to be done, but then I was reading this article and this particular quote:

"Continue with this exercise in full awareness of the abdomen's rising and falling movements. Never verbally repeat the words rising, falling, although you may make a mental note rising and falling in the mind silently as they occur. Be clearly aware only of the actual process of the rising and falling movement of the abdomen."

How does one make a make a mental note "rising" in the mind silently?

RE: Verbal noting?
9/25/10 4:37 AM as a reply to Michael Zaurov.
What he means is that the note should not be spoken out loud, instead it should be spoken silently in ones mind, while keeping most of ones attention on the object.