Dreams and Awakening: Response to a Twitter question

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Dreams and Awakening: Response to a Twitter question

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 In response to my Twitter post:

"@myceliummage 52, still have them once/month or so, but I did do 14.5 years of school and training after high school, so probably makes it worse. Common themes: can’t find building, forgot pencil, late, nonsense test questions change while reading them, teacher mean, remember nothing, naked."

on a thread about school-related dreams/nightmares found here: https://twitter.com/danielmingram/status/1376195483346075648

I got this question on Twitter by Evan Hubbard @Jaffui:

"@damielmingram @evanlloyd
somehow find long conversations on Twitter annoying, so thought I would reply here.

When I am not sleeping (a term I will use for "awake", so as not to confuse it with terms like "Awakening" in the "enlightenment" sense), there are all of the sensations that appeared to be a "Self": intentions, mental impressions, sensations through the eyes, body, face, etc., all of which used to be interpreted as "stable", even though they weren't, "in control", though clearly they weren't, and as a "watcher" or "knower", even though the crude impressions they seemed to make of things happened after the sensations they purported to know. That all changed after I figured out the enlightenment thing.

However, sensations of stress, conflict, complexity, and all of that still arise dependent on conditions, just as before, and as they do in dreams sometimes.

The same is true of dreaming, and sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not as much.

I have one dream that I clearly recall where the question was well and thoroughly explored, and in that dream I was a monk in Tibetan-style robes teaching a bunch of other monks all sitting in neat rows, and was giving some sort of empowerment, during which part of the empowerment was me very much embodying and connecting with the wisdom aspect of experience. So, while giving the empowerment, there was a very active sense of paying a lot of attention to the "enlightened" aspect of things, the sort of detailed investigations I would also sometimes do when not asleep after path cycles would happen back in the day (and sometimes today when people ask these sorts of questions), and the whole thing checked out: all intentions, all mental impressions, all thoughts, all sensations, all aspects of space, they all had that same quality: natural, immediate, transient, ungraspable, inevitable, ephemeral, knowing themselves where and as they occurred, wisdom and manifestation co-emerging as the same thing.

So, so far as I can tell, dreaming and not being asleep both have that same "enlightened" quality, though, just as with daily life, sometimes it is the dominant focus and much of the time it isn't.

Anyone else have experiences in this territory they want to share?

Best wishes,


PS: Still working on Liferay issues, such as getting the PM and Logo portlets up, etc. 
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RE: Dreams and Awakening: Response to a Twitter question

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This is an interesting topic.  All of the basic positive transformations in perception I have experienced do remain in dreams.  I very rarely lucid dream, so i know this by remembering the dream the next day.
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RE: Dreams and Awakening: Response to a Twitter question

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Hi Daniel, this is the Evan who asked you the question on Twitter. Very grateful for the detailed response. Thank you.

Very interesting that the "enlightened qualities" remain the same during dreaming, and that this is compatible with NOT lucid dreaming.