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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style

I would like to start noting. Questions on practice.

A few months ago I experienced a really crazy series of meditation related events, and the after effects lasted quite a long time. I suspect it was A&P. When I tried to find out what the heck was going on, I found this site. This noting practice sounds really great. It seems really simple for the most part, but my concern is that I don't have all the resources I need. Any advice on the following topics would be appreciated.

My knowledge My noting knowledge base is limited to Mr. Ingram's work and what is contained in Jack Kornfield's Living Dharma. Is this enough? Or are there other 'must have' resources?

My practice So far I've been doing noting whenever I go for walks(quite often) and when I do sitting meditation. Are there particular activities where noting can not be done or is not recommended? I assume noting is sufficient, but are there other recommended supplemental activities?

Teachers Does anyone know of noting teachers anywhere near Corvallis, Oregon? My current plan is to practice in my day to day life until next summer, where I'll go on a retreat.

RE: I would like to start noting. Questions on practice.
6/28/12 8:34 PM as a reply to Aduro T.
I'm pre-path so i prefer not give advice but for what it worth here is a short essay by Mahasi Sayadaw that focus on the technique:

RE: I would like to start noting. Questions on practice.
7/2/12 2:29 PM as a reply to Aduro T.
Also, my next job doesn't start for a couple of months, so I will have some spare time. I'd really like to make the most of it. Maybe go on a self retreat of some kind.

There are other things I would like to do too, such as learn to play the piano and get better at different hobbies. I'd like to be able to do these things in a way that improves my practice. Maybe working on improving my concentration while practicing the hobbies? Or doing noting while doing these hobbies? These days I don't feel like my concentration is that great.

I don't really know for sure where I am on the maps, if that matters. If I were to guess, I'd say I'm a ways into the dark night, probably Disgust. But I don't know if my symptoms are from the dark night, or just the results of my habits and events in my life.

RE: I would like to start noting. Questions on practice.
7/2/12 5:08 PM as a reply to Aduro T.
The books you've mentioned make for a good start. In terms of activities to practice with, make sure you do a lot of sitting meditation. This is a skill you're developing, and you won't do nearly as well learning two skills at the same time. Noting during other activities is unlikely to be harmful, though. In terms of other practices, try the noting for a bit and see how it goes. There may well be other methods which could be helpful, but it depends on what comes up.

No need to worry about the maps for now. They're mostly useful for when you're not sure how you're progressing.

RE: I would like to start noting. Questions on practice.
7/3/12 1:01 PM as a reply to fivebells ..
That sounds like good advice. Thanks a bunch guys!

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