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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style

How wide area for noting?

How wide area for noting?
11/19/15 5:10 AM
In the MCTB book I could not fin any instructions of how wide area I should use for noting etc.

Sometimes I note through observing the whole of my experiential universe, sometimes a limited area like the physical sensations in my body or even more limited to a specific part of my body or thoughts etc. Sometimes on on a small area as I can manage. I have doubt about how I shall do it though. Sometimes I go randomly and sometimes I scan the body in order. I like to experiment my self, but I would also like to hear other peoples experience.

The thing with doing it like on the whole body simultaniously is that there is so much sensations to note, but perhaps thats good for training the speed of noting.

RE: How wide area for noting?
11/19/15 5:53 AM as a reply to Jonas Emil Eriksson.
hey jonas,
it sounds like you have a good handle on noting already.  that you notice the differences between narrow and wide focus is great.   generally one starts with a narrow focus and trys to stay with the primary object which helps with concentration.  eventually the practice will become faster and one is able to include more objects and a wider field of experience.  if one is noting / labeling those labels eventually become a burden and are given less emphasis. 

usually at this point the practice is self-sustaining and has a momentum of its own.  one usually knows when this is happening.

including more objects, a wider field of focus and subtler objects is something which is essential after one has passed the A&P. 

experimenting is good, the trick is knowing where the traps are and the progress of insight maps and teachings are really good at pointing those out.

RE: How wide area for noting?
11/20/15 4:47 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Thank you Tom! Im happy to be encouraged, I suffer from doubt.

More on developing speed. The speed of noting is related to ones ability to concentrate right. 

Often when Im noting I find myself stuck with old patterns of sensation and this is what we want right, to open up to new phenomena. So I try to direct my observation.... Whatever!

So often I find my self knowing the answear to my question while Im asking it, its so ironic! I just want connection, attention, shared understanding, love with other people.

Its just to observe damn it!

But now I think I have a question on this subject I need help with haha.. No.....

RE: How wide area for noting?
11/20/15 6:10 AM as a reply to Jonas Emil Eriksson.
hiya.  great!
at first we need to practice and build up our concentration like a muscle.  with more practice and persistent investigation the momentum starts to build and the great effort falls away. the speed of noting or noticing builds on its own and peakks generally at the stages 3-4 (the three characteristics - arising and passing away) on the progress of insight.

whether you focus on one specific object or on anything that arises is your awareness you are building that concentration muscle.  generally its easier in the beginning to focus on one thing, at least in my case that was so.

don't forget to enjoy it.

RE: How wide area for noting?
11/20/15 2:22 PM as a reply to Jonas Emil Eriksson.
Up to a&p, small focus. More specifically, focus on the center of perception (what appears in the center).

During dark night, focus on the edges ( it is normal that the center is blurry, no need to fucus on it).

During equanimity, focus on everything at once. Include more and more.

RE: How wide area for noting?
2/9/19 4:01 AM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Thank you both, good and concis answers. I been practicing like this since. Practice with what you got at the moment, its natural.

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