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One-on-one meditation teacher in New York City?

Does anyone know of any good one-on-one meditation teachers in New York City? Like, one that I could email, pay some money, and meet with once a month or so to help keep me on the right track. There are tons after doing a google search, but I have no way of knowing who is and isn't good. Ideally this person would be known to be good at teaching, knowledgable about and open to many viewpoints, and at least 2nd path. 

Thank you!

RE: One-on-one meditation teacher in New York City?
4/19/19 11:41 AM as a reply to David.
I used this person as a teacher in the mid-2000s and would vouch for his awakening and ability to teach in a number of modes:

He's not in NYC but is close by, up the Hudson River a few miles.