Gnawing on an iron spike - advice welcomed please

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Gnawing on an iron spike - advice welcomed please

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RE: Gnawing on an iron spike - advice welcomed please

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I'm really happy for your growth in dhamma and ability to live and practice with excellent conditions. How fortunate!

I would say, continually investigate the sense of self...the sense that thinks it's looking at the sensations? Is there any idea of getting past or transcending these intense sensations?

Maybe you can see what happens when you move attention away from the sensations? Move attention around a bit? See if you can relax into a wider sense of awareness without so much attention?

And I would also say, relax around the thoughts of where you are on the path. Sometimes this can bring more peace as well.

Keep it up!
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RE: Gnawing on an iron spike - advice welcomed please

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Hi all,

What I'm looking for is to see if anyone has had similar experiences as this and/or if anyone has recommendations as to how to proceed.

On a few occasions I have stared into this energy ball with all I got and slowly slowly it starts to melt. When it does start to melt - which usually takes place at night when the nada becomes ridiculously fast and shrill - this is accompanied by prelminiary bliss waves which begin to feel like the outpouring of energy experienced in the a@p. Furthermore there will be very course vibrations, which feel like theres a subtle earthquake going on or as I've read on this forum "helicopter rotars" passing near bye. Another "symptom" is that my stomach starts to churn and tighten and makes me feel a bit naseuas.
Good stuff there, looking into the sensations and finding out how to melt them. The Nada sounds seems to change pitch with the higher your vibrations get....the faster the vibration the better you are at being able to see/feel into the processes that are running slower.

My two questions are -

1) Has anyone dealt with a similar embeddedness of self? Obviously all selves are embedded to an extreme degree due to ignorance. For my case though the stress in my jaw (which is directly related to the energy ball) seems to be something that dominates as a meditative object.
Anything that feels permanent is a great thing to investigate. I have done so over and over with great benefits over time. Feeling/seeing into these vibrations/sensations over and over will break them up and get you ready for progress into EQ and to reach stream entry.
2) Could anyone make a guess as to where this is on the maps? I know it's not healthy to dwell on progress but I am about to go to a monastery for the entire summer. I won't have many books or much internet access and I really want to "just practice". I don't think it will hurt to get solid feedback as to where I am so I know where to go and what to expect (more or less). My guess is that I'm either still in impermanence and about to have another a&p or this "gnawing" that I'm feeling is re-observation and I've hit that wall that seems impenetrable.

Honestly I don't know too much about the progression of maps... particularly once you've passed the a&p, is that done and over with? Or can you slide back to the 3 c's or lower and have to hurdle that again to get into the dark night? So while I hope that I'm in re-observation please give me your best opinion and let me know if I can provide any other helpful info.

Thank you,
Once you reach the A&P you definitely can start the progress of insight over from the first Nana again. As you master the territories you will move up to your cutting edge faster and faster. Hitting an impenetrable wall happens often and can be several different Nanas. It doesn’t matter where you are at so much as you continue to practice and break thru the walls.

You never mentioned what your practice is.

I recommend getting a copy of MCTB and 'The Mind Illuminated'. They complement each other nicely and you may find information in one or the other that will help you. TMI is heavy on the concentration side of things and uses that to get to EQ, investigate, SE. For some people this seems to minimize the Nana to some extent (no guarentees).
Good Luck,