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The Finders Course Techniques and Protocol Rainbow 3 2909 Date: 4/1/17 9:26 PM
By: Rainbow
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Silicon Valley Monk svmonk 8 3932 Date: 3/24/17 11:46 AM
By: Derek2
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Leigh Brasington on jhanas and other stuff Kim Katami 39 10088 Date: 3/11/17 12:58 AM
By: Kim Katami
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Being Nobody, Going Nowhere Waiting for an Answer Tom 4 1678 Date: 3/10/17 11:20 AM
By: neko
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Jhana achievement: Tips, Tricks, and Traps James Young 3 1674 Date: 3/7/17 5:02 PM
By: James Young
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The one year manual Waiting for an Answer Zen Den Den 1 940 Date: 2/22/17 1:01 PM
By: Zen Den Den
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Shinzen Young at BATGAP - very interesting podcast episode Cino 2 1142 Date: 2/13/17 7:51 AM
By: Art
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Vincent Horns new course Mindfulness++ is open and starting soon Rainbow 10 2294 Date: 2/7/17 6:18 AM
By: Lewis James
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"Main meditation manual" by tradition? (Especially Vajrayana and Dzogchen) neko 8 2300 Date: 1/30/17 4:19 PM
By: Stirling Campbell
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Podcast: David Chapman on future of Buddhism, & post-traditional Buddhism Matthew O'Connell 1 1863 Date: 1/26/17 4:30 AM
By: Matthew O'Connell
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The Seth Material tom moylan 9 3132 Date: 12/29/16 4:38 PM
By: Jehanne S Peacock
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The Fourth Turning/Jhanananda (Jeffrey S. Brooks) Matthew Letten 7 12154 Date: 12/27/16 6:00 AM
By: This Good Self
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Finder's Course, Dr. Jeffrey A. Martin Colleen Peltomaa 11 6494 Date: 11/30/16 12:35 AM
By: chris mc
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MCTB Audiobook version? Bronson Michael Miller 10 5140 Date: 11/19/16 2:02 AM
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Best of , (Books, Links, Sites and Stuff) Psi 18 8064 Date: 11/17/16 10:35 PM
By: Psi
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Reichian Therapy - The Technique For Home Use Kathleen m mcmillan 3 1465 Date: 11/7/16 11:24 AM
By: David
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Obscure texts realisation 6 1953 Date: 11/6/16 5:05 AM
By: Stick Man
RSS (Opens New Window) interview with Daniel Andreas Thef 5 2214 Date: 10/23/16 3:31 AM
By: Dada Kind
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Research on experiences of Non/Buddhist meditators? Vlastimil Vohánka 8 2519 Date: 10/21/16 1:48 PM
By: Vlastimil Vohánka
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the red virgin Ann 5 1660 Date: 10/16/16 6:43 AM
By: Ann
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