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Science and Meditation
Subcategories: Articles, DhO Lab, Models, Research
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Here is place to post discussions about meditation teachers.

Subcategories: Ayya Khema, Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero, Culadasa/TMI, Katukurunde Ñāṇananda Thera, Mahasi Sayadaw and his lineage, More »
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A place to discuss meditation apps, biofeedback, and the like.
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The discussion of precise, inclusive, specific, nuanced, clear, helpful, explanatory words used to help describe the very rich, complex world of meditation go here.
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The Dharma Battleground (DhB)
Here is where high controversy and heated debate should happen with all the compassion, listening, clarification, passion for the truth and intelligence you can muster.
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The Dharma Playground (DhP)
Put all discussions about friendship, community, gatherings, and things social and not so related to formal practice and theory here.

Subcategories: Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Everywhere, More »
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The DhO Itself
Here is a place to post discussions about the DhO itself, business, tech matters, global issues and the like.

Subcategories: Tech Stuff
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Theoreticians and Traditionalists (T&T)
For those discussions focused on technical points of tradition, dogma and doctrine, and sectarian debates over which tradition, term and theory is better rather than actual practice and realization.

Subcategories: Early Buddhism
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A place to post about dharma videos.
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Wetpaint Migration 4
full migration as of 9/9/09 at 7PM EST
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