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Lost faith in enlightenment Handsome Monkey King 10 248 Date: 4/1/20 10:44 AM
By: Jim Smith
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Enlightment through meditating on sutras? Handsome Monkey King 2 244 Date: 1/18/20 3:38 PM
By: Bardo
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Is there a pragmatic purpose to sleep deprivation on retreats? Handsome Monkey King 9 1376 Date: 12/2/19 8:04 PM
By: Mista Tibbs
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Is sitting cross-legged bad for your knees? David 9 1199 Date: 10/5/19 12:28 AM
By: Alex
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New here. Looking for guidance in North Alabama Stevie W Hays 7 435 Date: 10/1/19 10:43 PM
By: Handsome Monkey King
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Should I switch from Zen to Noting? Handsome Monkey King 8 561 Date: 9/24/19 1:05 PM
By: Kim Katami
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Tips or strategies for getting more time for retreats? Handsome Monkey King 20 1688 Date: 9/24/19 11:14 AM
By: agnostic
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Past Lives Milo 75 6685 Date: 8/27/19 2:08 AM
By: Linda ”Polly Ester” Ö
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Need Help! Sleep issues. Yash 10 1037 Date: 8/25/19 10:38 PM
By: svmonk
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Questioning my motivation in practicing Handsome Monkey King 9 1020 Date: 8/20/19 2:20 AM
By: Jordi
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Too at peace with my own mortality. Help. Anthony 12 1144 Date: 8/10/19 8:49 AM
By: Raving Rhubarb
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Jack Kornfield and Shinzen Young on Shamanism Kim Katami 37 5785 Date: 8/9/19 6:40 AM
By: Chris Marti
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