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DhO Hacked and Upgrade


ATTENTION!: It appears that our server has been hacked through this version of Liferay, meaning it is no longer secure, and so expect instability as we deal with this and attempt to upgrade to Liferay 7, which we failed to be able to do last year the last time the team attempted it, but we have no choice at this point, so bear with us as we try again. Save any long posts in a text file before posting them. You can follow me on Twitter at @danielmingram for updates if the site is down. Apologies for any complexity this causes. We will work as fast as we can. We have backups of the database, so hopefully nothing will be lost. Thanks to all helping with this complex process.




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Richard's insight practice Richard Zen 335 160025 Date: 11/2/20 8:14 AM
By: Richard Zen
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Questions for anagamis and arahants Shashank Dixit 30 17193 Date: 5/29/19 9:41 AM
By: Todo
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My Big Toe(Theory Of Everything) by Thomas Campbell Dream Walker 53 18593 Date: 6/16/18 11:28 AM
By: Ward Law
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Stagnating in EQ? Some Guy 35 17057 Date: 2/26/18 5:30 AM
By: shargrol
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Full Moon Bagpuss The Gnome 12 8184 Date: 1/29/18 5:08 AM
By: Yilun Ong
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Technique to obtain a 100% Hard Jhanas - with ease. Scott V 50 46823 Date: 10/12/17 1:42 AM
By: Joel Evan Miller
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Daniel Ingram on video talking about hardcore dharma Nikolai . 33 33550 Date: 9/18/17 10:37 PM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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Upasaka Culadasa Daniel F Connor 48 50546 Date: 5/25/17 10:03 AM
By: Jeff Wright
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Daniel Ingram's Practice Log Daniel M. Ingram 70 34383 Date: 12/15/16 10:26 PM
By: svmonk
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Aggregates & Elements: A Multi-Model Overview Tommy M 18 16119 Date: 11/28/16 11:09 AM
By: Pål R
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A dissection of the early stages in advanced posturing Omega Point 20 31324 Date: 7/31/16 9:59 AM
By: Jinxed P
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what was that? chris h 21 11617 Date: 5/11/16 10:35 AM
By: chris h
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StickyThe Hierarchy of Vipassana Practice Daniel M. Ingram 28 52881 Date: 12/21/15 10:08 PM
By: Chris
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Anyone Remember Past Lives? Teague 39 36872 Date: 11/6/15 12:53 AM
By: Eva Nie
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A nice technique for recognizing non-duality Adam . . 9 20255 Date: 6/22/15 1:20 PM
By: Mattias Wilhelm Stenberg
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Get A Fucking Grip... Tommy M 14 6826 Date: 2/12/15 4:15 PM
By: Tommy M
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How many people have struggled to "hold it together" during the journey b man 28 8591 Date: 2/11/15 5:56 PM
By: b man
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Dropping away experience Jayson Paul 6 4203 Date: 2/10/15 5:35 AM
By: x x
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How to have visions?? Morgan Taylor 10 15202 Date: 12/11/14 9:49 PM
By: A. Dietrich Ringle
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What kind of suffering does enlightenment get rid of? Jake T Smith 13 19202 Date: 11/12/14 12:03 AM
By: Not Tao
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